Custodial Services FAQs

  • Is there a charge for cleanup after a special event held in a campus open space?    
  • Yes, recharge is calculated per attendees at $51 per hour. 
  • Is it okay to use the existing trash and recycling receptacles to clean up during and after a special event? 
  • Trash and recycling receptacles in facilities have the capacity for day-to-day use but are not designed to accommodate the larger volume of trash generated at events. Groups may use on-site trash and recycling receptacles if they pay to service them during and after the event. When you order event service, we will estimate the number of receptacles based on your projected attendance.

    We ask that those who hold events on campus think ahead about trash. We strongly encourage all groups to take advantage of zero-waste event service, where all materials are recyclable or compostable, and waste is placed in special receptacles provided for this purpose. See the Event Services page for answers to event-related questions.
  • How do I get my floors refinished, my carpets cleaned, or my windows cleaned? Is there a cost?  
  •  These enhanced services are not included in routine cleaning but may be requested on a recharge basis. Departments may place a work order through the Facilities Management Customer Support Center to request special services or discuss an enhanced cleaning program. 
  • May I hire my own vendor or outside contractor?    
  • No. the campus must follow strict policy and legal guidelines in the bidding of projects and hiring of contractors. In addition, it is often preferable to use in-house services for facility maintenance or alterations because Facilities Management staff understand the campus infrastructure in detail, including the many codes and regulations that govern the research activities for which many facilities are used.
  • Do custodians clean every night, including vacuuming, emptying trash, dusting, etc.? 
  • Custodians work every night performing different services depending on the type of facility and how it is used. The priority for custodial services is research and instructional facilities, so classrooms and labs are serviced more frequently than offices. For details, please visit the Facilities Management Custodial Services site.
  • How to contact a custodian?    
  • The online work order system should be your primary point of access for Custodial Services. For customer support and emergencies, please call the Customer Support Center at (530) 752-1655.
  • How often are the bathrooms cleaned?    
  • Refer to custodial services, but they should be cleaned every day and if you notice it is not happening then get a work order placed for this to happen.