Vehicle Telematics FAQs

The automotive industry has made many safety improvements using technology over the years. Some include driver alert and driver assist that Fleet has started to purchase and include in the rental fleet. Before operating any University vehicle, please make yourself familiar with the features, if so equipped, and adjust all mirrors and your seat prior to operating and always buckle up.

Fleet Services has equipped most rental vehicles with Telematics that integrate with our billing, fuel, odometer reporting, and Fleet Management Information System (FMIS).

  • What is Telematics?
  • Telematics is a method of collecting data from the vehicle computers and sensors. Data is used to report trip mileage, fuel use, engine faults, emissions compliance, and even the state of charge of EV and hybrid vehicles.
  • What is the benefit of Telematics?
  • Imagine a highly intelligent computer in your vehicle that is able to report on nearly every detail — from speed and idling, to fuel use, low tire pressure, and more. This information can mean saving on maintenance costs by better monitoring vehicles or improving fuel efficiency by learning more about driving habits.
  • What does Fleet do with the data?
  • Data is decoded for reports on fleet utilization, trip optimization, fuel and idling usage patterns and safety consideration for future driver coaching and business decisions.
  • Why is the device beeping?
  • Check your speed, audio alerts are activated to warn drivers when speeding occurs.