UC Davis Facilities Management

About Facilities Management

Who We Are

Facilities Management is an operating unit under the university's Finance, Operations and Administration that aims to provide, maintain and improve the campus built environment. We are:

  • leaders in our industries
  • excellent communicators
  • customer-focused

Our skilled trades employees have experience with the campus's full range of advanced research and teaching facilities–from high tech classrooms to biosafety labs to historic barns. We know how our facilities are built, their functions, and what to look for when repairing or altering any space. Above all, we share the campus vision of excellence in research and teaching, and serving that mission is our basis for decision-making.

Our Mission:

 to support university excellence through innovative and efficient management of our campus assets and resources.

We put our customers first

We strive to provide expert maintenance services to UC Davis. In order to meet the dynamic needs of our customers and the campus, we utilize their feedback to refine our administrative efficiency to deliver a quality experience.

  • We provide an online work order and project scheduling system that is available to all staff.
  • We have created an online estimator tool to provide estimates on small, routine jobs quickly at no charge.
  • We adopt best practices for customer service and project management, with particular emphasis on communication throughout the process.


Allen Tollefson

Allen Tollefson
Associate Vice Chancellor

John Zertuche

John Zertuche
Director of Building Maintenance Services

Finis Jones

Finis Jones
Director of Custodial Services

Joshua Morejohn

Joshua Morejohn
Energy & Engineering Manager

Fred Gallardo

Fred Gallardo
Interim Director of Fleet Services

Michael Fan

Michael Fan
Director of Utilities

Pete Lentino

Pete Lentino
Asset Manager

Christina Blackman
Operations Manager