Fleet Services

Notice of Rate Approval:  Fleet Services’ request to update its Vehicle Rates has been approved effective December 1, 2018. The complete list of approved changes are posted in the rate section. Customers will see the changes on the December 2018 billing posted to Kuali approximately January 7, 2019.

The Fleet Advisory Board meeting is TBA for February/March will outline and discuss projected costs and components of future rates required to maintain financial sustainability.  The Fleet Advisory Board meeting will be a precursor to the campus Rate Committee presentation in April 2019. 


Helping You Get from Place to Place

Fleet technician

Fleet Services provides transportation options to faculty, staff, students and others.

Additionally, it has the responsibility for managing all University-owned and operated vehicles. We provide asset management, maintenance, repair, inspection, testing and reporting of all vehicles within the fleet. This includes mandated emissions testing, documentation of fleet composition, usage, fuel consumption, and reporting.