Our Services

Fleet Services supports the campus community by providing safe, reliable, economical and sustainable transportation options that are responsive to the needs of our customers. In addition, Fleet Services manages the maintenance, repair, inspection and reporting related to all the vehicles within the university's fleet. 


  • We provide vehicles for hourly, daily or short-term use.
  • We provide vehicles assigned to departments for long-term use.

In order to operate a campus vehicle, you must complete and stay up-to-date on the Safe Driver Awareness Training on LMS.

Maintenance and Reporting

  • Complete vehicle maintenance, repair, and inspection based on schedules and requirements.
  • Fuel for vehicles and equipment.
  • Vehicle asset management, records management, reporting and documentation of all vehicular assets, titles and licensing.
  • Disposal of surplus vehicles.

Intercampus Transportation

  • Shuttle service between UC Davis and UC Berkeley.
  • Transportation of interlibrary loan material, intercampus mail, data processing material and other priority materials to and from the Davis campus and Berkeley campuses.