Grounds & Landscape Services


UC Davis' park-like setting enriches the university's teaching, research, and public service mission. Grounds and Landscape Services is responsible for landscape maintenance, sports fields, central campus, campus housing, rural campus, the Arboretum and campus trees. 

Our campus is a living space enjoyed by students, faculty, staff, and visitors from around the world. It is also an outdoor classroom where study, observation, and experimentation take place.

UC Davis hosts over one million visitors per year and the campus grounds are the first thing they experience when entering campus. 

Our goal is to ensure the experience visitors, students, faculty and staff have while here on campus is always positive, safe, memorable and engaging.

Like a small city, within the campus boundaries are a multitude of facilities that support the campus mission and lifestyle, including recreational facilities, cultural facilities, museums, and thousands of acres of open space, agricultural land and natural reserves.

Grounds and Landscape Services is made up of professional service employees including laborers, operating engineers, irrigation specialists, arborists, and landscape architects.  Some of the tools include backhoes, production tractors, the latest GIS technology and a centralized irrigation system that saves the campus 16 million gallons of water every year.

The green inventory on campus that includes large collections of trees, shrubs and groundcover sequesters 640 tons of carbon annually – equivalent to taking 30 large trucks off the road over the course of a year.  Grounds and Landscape Services also intercepts main water and filters it to ensure clean water enters the regional waterways and provides a host of opportunities for outdoor education and recreation. 

The staff of Grounds & Landscape Services provide expert care for:

  • more than 14,000 trees, comprising 100 species
  • 300 acres of lawn/turf
  • 50 acres of shrubs and 25 acres of groundcover
  • more than 100 miles of campus walkways
  • 500 acres of parking lots
  • 1000 acres of undeveloped space
  • Irrigation systems comprising 8 well pumps, 280 zone controllers, 7,000 valves, and 80,000 sprinkler heads

Our operation, which is part of Campus Planning & Community Resources, includes a full range of services to design, plant, construct and maintain landscapes and hardscapes.

Landscaping includes:

  • tree care
  • shrub care
  • ground cover and turf maintenance
  • Arboretum landscaping

Groundskeeping includes:

  • street sweeping
  • regulatory signs and markings
  • irrigation
  • landscape equipment operations
  • landscape pest control
  • trash and recycling collection