Facilities Management Launches New Work Order System

Facilities Management activated its new work order system for customers to submit repair, service, installation and estimate requests. The web-based Asset Management System (AMS) will also be used by Student Housing, Grounds and Landscape Services, and later in the year by Transportation Services.

Customers can also access a training site which includes step-by-step guides, videos, and technical support; to guide them through submitting a work order. 

Anyone trying to access Facilities Management’s retired work order system, Maximo, will be redirected to the new site. Please bookmark it for easy access. 

Why the Change?

The new AMS was piloted with Custodial Services and developed incorporating customer feedback and includes many of their desired functionality requests, like:

  • Receiving  email notifications when tasks are complete;
  • Enhanced searching capabilities (i.e., searching by building, floor, room and more); and
  • Dashboard that displays the individual customer’s service requests and status

The new AMS provides Facilities Management with the ability to closely track the management and maintenance of the campus’s 1,200+ buildings and 50,000+ assets. Sharing the new system across multiple departments allows for a more unified approach to managing campus facilities, grounds and projects.

What About My Old Work Orders?

Unfortunately, there was no way to migrate a customer's old work orders/request history into the new system. However, you can download an Excel file containing all work orders (e.g., active, completed, canceled) submitted through Maximo between Jan.1, 2014 and July 1, 2016, and filter by your name. Please note, as we're no longer using Maximo, this file is static and will not be updated. Work orders that are in progress (i.e., active) during this transition will continue to be completed as scheduled. 

If you would like a complete history of your service requests, please email fm-ams@ucdavis.edu

Can I Still Get Someone on the Phone?

Of course! The Facilities Management Customer Support Center can still be contacted directly to submit a service request at (530) 752-1655 or by email at facilities@ucdavis.edu.  

The New Work Order System