The Energy Feedback Team

We want to collaborate with you to make UC Davis' buildings more energy efficient and thermally comfortable. Here are the tools we've made for you:

The Campus Energy Education Dashboard (CEED)

The Campus Energy Education Dashboard (CEED) allows students, staff and faculty to view their building’s energy use in real time. CEED is a platform for the campus to learn more about our own energy use: what types of energy are used, how they are used and what we can all do to waste less energy.





TherMOOstat is your chance to help the Energy Feedback Team identify comfort and energy issues on campus. By letting us know if you are too hot or cold in your building, you are helping us build a database of building thermal feedback that clarifies our view of campus HVAC systems. 


TherMOOstat can also be accessed on MyUCDavis. On this tile, students and staff can tell the team if they are too hot or too cold in their building.

Our Collaborations

The Energy Feedback team is a part of the Facilities Management Department, but we also work with other campus departments.

  • We collaborate with the Utilities Department to create the Water Dashboard, an interface to display the campus’s water use.
  • The team is coordinating with Student Housing to put on an Energy & Water Challenge in the residence halls this winter quarter.
  • Our Energy Feedback Team works with students in ESP167- Energy Policy and A Path to Zero Net Energy in the spring quarters at UC Davis.