Vehicle Breakdown Procedures

If your fleet services vehicle is disabled or needs repairs, call:

  1. Fleet Services
    • (530) 752-0789
    • Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
  2. National Automobile Club (roadside assistance for disabled vehicles)
    • (800) 600-6065
    • If after operating hours, you may use emergency roadside services provided through the National Automobile Club.
    • This service is available to drivers of university vehicles through the California Official State Fuel Credit Card (Voyager Card). This card can be found in the key pouch given to you with your vehicle.
  3. UC Davis Police Department
    • (530) 752-1230
    • After hours or on weekends, call the UC Davis Police Department.
    • Be prepared to report the vehicle number or license number, the location of the vehicle and the nature of the problem.

What qualifies as “Emergency Roadside Service”?

Emergency roadside service consists of such services as are intended to render the university vehicle capable of being safely operated and is limited to the following:

  • Mechanical First Aid: Minor mechanical adjustments that may be effected at the scene of disablement to enable a university vehicle to be safely operated.
  • Battery Service: A “jump start” applied to a discharged battery.
  • Tire Change: Removal of a flat or damaged tire and replacement with the inflated spare carried by such university vehicle.
  • Gasoline, Oil and Water Delivery: Delivery of gasoline, oil or water to a disabled university vehicle at the retail sales price of any gasoline or oil so delivered.
  • Lockout: Retrieval of the ignition key when locked inside the university vehicle, to the extent that it is retrievable without material risk of damaging the university vehicle. This service does not include key making or locksmith service.
  • Towing: Towing any university vehicle that cannot be safely operated from the scene of disablement to the business location of the nearest state or university-approved service station or state-operated garage. A university vehicle may be towed to the location of the servicing company when qualified repairs are not available, and held until further instructions are received from the university.

If National Automobile Club service is unsatisfactory or does not meet your needs, call:

  • Fleet Services: (530) 752-0789
  • UC Davis Police: (530) 752-1230

For further information about the services offered by the National Automobile Club, please contact Fleet Services at (530) 752-0787.

Reimbursement for Repairs

If you have to pay out of pocket for repairs, keep and bring all receipts to your department Travel Assistant, along with the Reimbursement Request Form. The receipts must show the vehicle number, repairs performed and parts installed. You will be reimbursed for the amount of the receipts.