Utilities Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission: We provide safe, reliable, cost-effective utility services and information in support of UC Davis




Vision Statement: We support University excellence through innovation and efficient management of our campus infrastructure systems


  • Help our colleagues succeed
  • Challenge the status quo 
  • Trust each other
  • Debate for the betterment of the organization
  • Listen to opinions and ideas
  • Compromise when necessary
  • Remember why we are here

Our Goals

  • We recruit, retain and develop high-caliber staff.
  • 1. Establish & maintain professional, attractive, and efficient working environments.
    2. Make work fun and rewarding for our employees.
    3. Continually develop our skills & abilities to better support the campus and advance our careers.
    4. Sustain the organization by establishing a framework for career growth and succession.
  • We protect the health and safety of our workers, the community, and the environment.
  • 1. Everyone is responsible and accountable for managing risk.
    2. Demonstrate a culture of safety.
    3. Make sustainability a consideration for all aspects of our work.
  • We maintain 100% compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • 1. Be knowledgeable about our regulations and permits, and pay attention to the details.
  • We provide reliable, efficient utility services to the campus with good customer service.
  • 1. Maintain full operational control over our utility systems.
    2. Eliminate unplanned service disruptions.
    3. Act as responsible stewards of University resources.
    4. Apply an “everyone is our customer” approach to customer service.
    5. Be positive.
  • We are leaders and innovators in utility management.
  • 1. Use modern, efficient tools in our work.
    2. Apply performance metrics to inspire, track, and confirm high-level performance.
    3. Provide abundant, clear operational and financial data to support campus goals.
    4. Plan and professionally manage maintenance programs.
    5. Demonstrate the quality of our work through the appearance of our assets.
    6. Be forward-thinking.


What we do

UC Davis operates on the scale of a small city. The campus owns and maintains the infrastructure needed to produce and deliver utility services to campus buildings. Our staff of engineers, operators, mechanics, technicians, and administrative staff serve the campus with a round-the-clock campus presence in critical areas.

The only utility services provided by external vendors are bulk gas and electricity. These are delivered to major campus interconnection points. Utilities then distributes them to campus buildings and power plants through campus utility systems, including water wells, pipelines, storage tanks, power plants, a wastewater treatment plant, an electrical substation, power lines, and other related systems and equipment.

The Utilities unit operates and maintains campus utility systems, including:

  • plans system expansions in response to campus growth
  • purchases gas and electricity for campus
  • meters and bills for utility services
  • promotes resource conservation