Fleet Services

Employee Spotlight: Richard (Rick) Houston

This month we shine our headlights on Rick Houston, a Senior Store Keeper for Fleet Services. Rick has worked for Facilities Management at Fleet Services for four and a half years. Before coming to the university and Facilities Management, Rick worked for the Harley Davidson shop in Vacaville. When it was time for a change in employment, he knew that the university was a great place to work.

Fleet Services Introduces New UC Drive System

One unique aspect of Facilities Management Fleet Services is its rental system: staff and faculty can rent a vehicle for university business at four different locations, three of which are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Learn about the new UCDrive System that streamlines this rental process.

Employee Spotlight: David Dryden

David has been an Automotive Technician for Fleet Services for two years and loves it. He works on mechanical repairs on the university's fleet vehicles. He describes his managers and coworkers as "friendly, supportive, encouraging and helpful", and as a swing shift worker, he's able to help out with repairs so that operators can use their vehicles during their day shift. The automotive field is an ever-changing industry, and David strives to keep up with the technology by taking new training courses as they become available.

FM Committee Reviews Customer Survey Results

The Employee Engagement Committee within Facilities Management stays busy year-round keeping FM staff engaged with each other and with the campus community. Earlier this fall, the Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) was tasked with analyzing results from the 2020 Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey.

Employee Spotlight: Jon Dugger

If you recently brought in a Fleet vehicle for service, you probably had the pleasure of talking with Jon Dugger. Jon is a service writer with Facilities Fleet Services and has just passed his six month probation!

Fleet Promotes Safety with New Phone Holders

Cellphones and other types of electronic devices have become crucial for our everyday activities. In addition to responding to calls, cellphones double up as GPS devices and music players in our cars. It can be hard to put them down, even when driving.

Fleet Services

Our Services

Fleet Services supports the campus community by providing safe, reliable, economical and sustainable transportation options that are responsive to the needs of our customers. In addition, Fleet Services manages the maintenance, repair, inspection and reporting related to all the vehicles within the university's fleet. 

UCDrive: Research in Motion

A collaboration between UC Davis and BMW brings 10 electric vehicles to Fleet Services. The Institute of Transportation Studies will be studying user experience as well as the integration of electric vehicles into fleets.