Uncovering Energy Savings at Vet Med 3A MPT

A team effort between the Energy & Engineering team, and Building Maintenance Services (BMS) shops for sheet metal, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical created a big win at the Vet Med 3A Multipurpose Teaching (MPT) facility. In May 2022, along with BMS, the Energy & Engineering team discovered a maintenance issue with parts of the air handling units (AHUs) that provide cooling to the Vet Med 3A MPT. Read more about what was found and how the staff came together to complete this project. 

Student Spotlight: Grad Students Make Their Mark With Energy Projects

Since the Fall of 2021, the Energy and Engineering office has been working with two Graduate Student Researchers: Tanner Palmer and Pratik Raj Khadka. Both are first-year graduate students pursuing their Master of Science in Energy Systems and using their knowledge to contribute to FM projects. They enjoy working with experienced team members at the office, and the staff applauds the new ideas and energy that students bring to the office.  

Student Spotlight: Energy & Engineering Students

The ECO office gained four new Graduate Student Researchers in the Fall of 2021. All are first-year graduate students pursuing their Master of Science in Energy Systems and using their knowledge to reduce energy use on campus. Each student focuses on niche aspects of energy conservation on campus, ranging from COVID-19 ventilation to housing and dining innovations. They enjoy the blend of fieldwork and data that the Energy & Engineering Energy Conservation Office offers when solving problems.  

Saving cool cash on hot days

An academic collaboration with UC Davis Chemical Engineering (Process Systems Engineering) results in an algorithm that optimizes chiller deployment. As a result, the university improves its green energy use and saves money. Interested in the details? Learn more in the published research article.

Student Spotlight: Anthony Chow

Meet fourth-year Human-Computer Interaction, major Anthony Chow. Anthony has been working as a User Experience and Design Intern in the Energy and Engineering office. He has worked for the University since the fall of 2019 and made the move to Facilities Management about 9 months ago.

Customer & Employee Feedback Key to Success!

Understanding how people use dashboards and tools has provided Facilities Management (FM), Energy & Engineering’s Kiernan Salmon with a new perspective on the design and usability of products. As Kiernan understands more, she is able to build tools that give FM staff valuable insight that allows us to provide better customer service to the UC Davis campus. Read more about this journey and what this means for FM.

Student Spotlight: Sirarpi Hovhannisyan

Meet Sirarpi Hovhannisyan, a fourth year Cinema & Digital Media and Communications major who has worked in the Energy and Engineering Office as a communications intern for the past two and a half years. Her duties include learning about energy efficient programs on campus and finding innovative and creative ways to promote the projects and teach students about energy efficiency.

Student Spotlight: Devin Cabillo

Meet senior Devin Cabillo, a Mathematics and Computer Science major. Devin has been working as a software engineering intern in the Energy and Engineering office since April 2019, and is currently working on a project with the University of California Office of the President Carbon Neutrality Initiative.