Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

Facilities Prepares for Fall Occupancy

It’s been more than 15 months since many of our staff members, academics and students were on campus, and Facilities Management is getting ready for the return to the bustling activity of a normal school year.

Pre-occupancy audits Have You Shared Your Occupancy Plan with Custodial Services?

If you have not been on campus regularly, make sure Custodial Services knows the timing and frequency of your return so they can staff accordingly. 


Zero Waste Project

Zero Waste Project Zero Waste Collaboration

The roll out of a centralized bin system within the buildings listed here, and eventually across campus, is the result of a collaboration between Facilities Management and Sustainability whose CalRecycle grant application helped fund a new compost collection vehicle to manage the future growth of our organic waste stream.

September 14: Wildfire Impact Building Ventilation Changes

As a result of the current unhealthful air quality index, a subset of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units are recirculating air rather than drawing in outside air for ventilation purposes. Labs or animal facilities within these buildings will continue to be ventilated with 100% outside air, while offices and common areas located in the same building may not.

Confirm Your Facility Manager

Confirm Your Facility Manager Contact Information

Thank you to all our campus facility/building managers for visiting this page to update/confirm that we have the latest contact information for your facility. Please follow the instructions below to confirm or update the information we have for your building/facility.

August 21, 2020 Wildfire Impact: Building Ventilation Changes

Update: Thursday, September 3, 2020: As a result of improved outdoor air quality conditions, the HVAC units in the buildings listed below are now back to ventilating with a percentage of outside air. As always, it remains important for occupants to continue practicing all recommended COVID-19 precautions.

Custodial Services Cleaning Protocols During COVID-19

Custodial Services Cleaning Protocols During COVID-19 Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The health and safety of our custodial staff, as well as community the unit serves, is of the utmost importance. We ask that you read through this information to gain a better understanding of the sanitization services Custodial plans to supply.