Safety Office

About Us

FM employees climb water tower

The Facilities Management Safety Office provides a comprehensive safety program to ensure the environmental health, safety and well-being of our 700+ Facilities Management employees.

Location: Facilities Management Building, 400 Crocker Lane
Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday
Phone: 530-752-7135


The policy of the University is to maintain a work environment that is free of physical and health hazards to the greatest extent possible.  This is accomplished by a proactive effort at recognizing and evaluating environmental health and safety risks and initiating appropriate steps to remove or reduce them.

As the Facilities Management department's liaison, our team works with the campus Environmental Health and Safety team to address all applicable regulations and standards. We also maintain and update various permits and certificates from Federal, State and local agencies.

Employee training required by Cal OSHA (New Employee Safety Orientation, Asbestos, Hazardous Communication Standard (HazCom), Bloodborne Pathogen, Hearing Conservation, Respirators, Confined Space, Energy Lockout/Tagout, Hot Work, Forklift, etc.) and Cal EPA is conducted annually or when requested from any department.

The FM Safety Office also evaluates workstations for ergonomics issues by request and responds to mold and indoor air quality complaints.

We respond to all reports and complaints that effect the health and safety of Facilities Management employees.

Please contact this office for more information concerning Facilities environmental health and safety.