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The chemical makeup of the surface water is different than the groundwater currently flowing from campus taps. The surface water will be naturally “softer,” than the groundwater supply so water softeners may not be necessary. Labs that use reverse osmosis and/or deionized water should see minimal, if any, impacts to their research. The campus’s building-level treatment processes - the RO and DI water systems - remove most minerals before it is supplied to customers. However, if your research is set up to run on our current well water (i.e., pH, mineral content, etc.), please email the project team at to discuss possible mitigation options. 

Please Note: Domestic water (e.g., water flowing from taps and drinking fountains, and water in toilets) on campus in the future will be a blend of surface water and groundwater. Surface water will make up the majority of the campus water supply although the actual makeup will vary by time of year and location on campus. The water at a specific location could be all surface water, all ground water, or a blend of both.