Other Services

Fleet Cards

Fleet Cards are recommended for departments who frequently rent vehicles from Fleet Services or do not want to fill out a Vehicle Rental Request Form for each rental. Similar to a credit card, a dispatch card is an alternative to a Vehicle Rental request Form. To obtain a Fleet Dispatch Card, send a request through campus mail to Fleet Services, fax (530) 754-9400, or email VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

Fuel Proxy Keys

Department-owned vehicles will need to come to Fleet Services to purchase a Proxy Key if they wish to use the Automated Fuel System. Department-owned vehicles will be charged for every Proxy Key issued.

If a customer loses a Proxy Key while renting a pool or assigned vehicle, the department will be charged a replacement fee ($9.00 each). To replace a lost Proxy Key come to the Fleet Services Vehicle Rental Office during business hours. If the Proxy Key is defective, return it to Fleet Services Vehicle Rental Office for a free replacement.

Car Wash Services

Self Service Automatic Car Wash is available at Fleet Service for use by any campus light duty vehicle.  In addition, a high-pressure wand is available for larger truck wash downs.