Leases/Assigned Vehicles

Does your department need a vehicle for a program or operations that will continue indefinitely? If so, your department may qualify to have a vehicle permanently assigned. A vehicle that is permanently assigned to a department is considered as being "leased" to the department. Generally, the criteria for assigning a vehicle to a department is based on continuous need over time to have a vehicle available in order to complete the mission of the department. Because of the long term nature of assigned vehicles, the "lease rate" is less than the daily rental rate for a comparable vehicle.

Vehicle Rates

For additional information, call (530) 752-5023.

Type of Vehicle Lease Per Month Insurance Per Month Total Assigned Monthly Cost
Sedans $471 $43 $514
Electric GEM $370 $34.41 $404.41
Electric Miles $370 $34.41 $404.41
Vans - 7 passengers $419 $43 $462
Vans - 8 passengers $419 $43 $462
Vans - 12 passengers $419 $64.59 $483.59
Vans - Mini Cargo Van $419 $43 $462
Vans - Standard Cargo $419 $43 $462
2 wd Hybrid SUV $430 $43 $473
4x4 SUV $541 $43 $584
1/2 Ton Pickup $367 $43 $410
3/4 Ton Pickup $415 $43 $458
Rate effective Aug. 1, 2015 Aug. 1, 2016 Aug. 1, 2016
  • Long-Term Assignments are for one year or more. Fuel and insurance are billed as pass through charges. The fuel charge is based on actual fuel pumped. The insurance charge is based on premiums from UC Office of the President. Parking will appear as a separate charge on your ledger from TAPS.
  • Automobile insurance charges are a pass-through cost from Risk Management based on premiums from UC Office of the President.

Procedure to Obtain an Assigned Vehicle

The requesting department must complete and submit to Fleet Services an Assigned Vehicle Request FormFleet Services will review the application and assess the need and availability of vehicles and if criteria is met, assign a vehicle.

Department Responsibilities

Departments having assigned vehicles must:

  • Maintain records to document vehicle use; retain records one year for audit purposes.
  • Off-campus departments should report odometer mileage to Fleet Services dispatch by 25th of each month for maintenance scheduling purposes.
  • Deliver vehicle to Fleet Services shop for regular maintenance and repairs as needed.
  • Notify Risk Management and Fleet Services of any damage incident and complete Accident Report Form according to procedure in PPM 370-25 (see Risk Management).
  • Verify that each driver possesses a valid driver's license (PPM 380-20).