A campus map highlighting our Energy Projects

A Guided Walk of Our Energy Projects

The Energy & Engineering Office is continuing its second year of Energy Project Tours this Spring Quarter! Communication interns will be your guide around campus, offering an in-depth look at the office's energy-related projects. You'll learn about these projects, how our campus uses energy, and what you can do to help us save energy on campus. 

As a participant of the Energy Project Tours, you'll have multiple opportunities to receive one of our very popular Joules the Cow t-shirts and stickers. 


Our t-shirt options.
Our Joules the Cow t-shirt options include "I'm Hot", "I'm Perfect", and "i'm Cool" designs. 

Student interns lead the Energy Project Tours
Sirarpi (left) and Allie (right) wrote the original script for our Energy Project Tours. 
A sample of our campus map highlighting our energy projects
A sample of our route around campus and some of the spots we stop to talk about energy projects our office implementing on campus.