FM Newsletter - September 2018

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Waterproofing the Foundation Plant Services building

Foundation Plant Services building

Water penetration and disintegrating stucco is no longer a problem at the Foundation Plant Services building thanks to deferred maintenance funding and a dedicated Facilities Management team.

Praise and appreciation is due to those who aided in completion of this project: Project Manager, Jeffrey Carbahal; Structural Foreman, Jeff Airehart; Carpenters, Fausto Portillo, Ryan Nelson, Josh Hatfield, and Jesse Pedroza; Painters, Ramiro Solorzano, Gustavo Solorzano and Javier Urdiales; Stucco work, Abel Martinez; Mechanical Foreman, Al Bacchini; Sheet Metal  Shop, Chris Meyer, John Eldeen, Manuel Preciado and Nate Wilkinson

Sheet metal workers, painters, and carpenters worked closely for about 3 months to complete the project that started with the temporary relocation of the building’s iconic rose bushes while construction took place. They then got to work with on the intense process of stucco demolition, which involves chipping away at the crumbling stucco and prying off the wire mesh behind it.

The Facilities team worked to schedule demolition when it was least disruptive to building occupants as the stucco removal process can be powerful enough to jostle indoor wall hangings. Nevertheless, the limited commotion did not stop employees of FPS from praising the work.

“We are very appreciative of everything that has been done and how good it looks,” says Deborah Golino, director of Foundation Plant Services.  “We should be ready for the rain!”

Justin Jacobs, technology manager at Foundation Plant Services stated, “A big thanks to all of you! The building is looking good!”

The rehabbed building now has a waterproof barrier to prevent any future moisture from sneaking between the walls. Facilities Management also went the extra mile to match all surrounding structures to create a visually pleasing aesthetic. As they complete the finishing touches, they will also welcome back the beloved rose bushes to their new and improved home.       

Coming in September: FM Employee Engagement Survey

feedbackA team from across all Facilities Management departments was tasked with taking a look at employee engagement and morale. They have come together to work on how best to gauge the current state of FM employee engagement and brainstorm recommendations for leadership on continuing to improve engagement within FM. Their first priority has been working on the FM Employee Engagement Survey, coming out Sept. 19th! Be on the lookout for more details about the survey, kick-off event and thank-you incentives. We want to hear from  you!



Did you know: Utilities



There are 135 emergency generators on campus maintained by the Utilities generator crew.



Reminder: Update your directory listing


Be sure to check your listing in the UC Davis Online Directory! This listing has staff contact information and it is important that everyone verify their information is correct. If yours is not correct, be sure to submit an update. To review your information visit:

Favorite TherMOOstat Comment of the Summer!


The Energy Conservation Office’s favorite TherMOOstat comment this summer came from Wellman Hall, Room 119.  
2:26pm: Cold - from Reed
2:27pm: Perfect - from Yuri
yuris comment

Not only is this interaction between two friends hilarious, but it highlights Yuri’s understanding that clothing levels have a lot to do with comfort levels. At ECO, their team strives to teach students and staff about the variety of factors that impact comfort levels.

Not sure what TherMOOstat is? Check it out at or read more at

Employee Spotlight: Jimmy Pullin, Service Writer  

amyJimmy is the friendly face at the service desk in Fleet Services. He greets the variety of customers who stop by and makes customer service a priority. His position entails writing work orders, managing workflow, documenting accident reports, helping vendors and more. The service desk gets a lot of foot traffic, which includes students all the way to campus staff, “I get a sense of accomplishment when I help individuals.” 

He enjoys overcoming challenges in the workplace, as he finds it very rewarding. While he is extremely humble, he prides himself on his work. He is currently assisting Fleet with their robust management software system ‘Assetworks M4’ that was upgraded to M5 in April of last year. His focus is working on the notification system. “I am hoping to help work out kinks, as well as do housekeeping on the database and inventory.”

Fred Gallardo, Jimmy’s supervisor says, “Jimmy has been in Fleet for a short time but has already started organizing our workflow procedures. He has been working with the cabinet shop to redesign the Service Office and give a more updated look to our customers.” 

Thank you for all your hard work! 

Elevator Team is Top Notch: Permits Granted

elevator team

In August, the Facilities Management elevator team in Building Maintenance Services completed their California state inspections of elevators on campus. The inspector’s office was very impressed with how UC Davis has maintained our elevators and the crew we have on campus. UC Davis was granted two year operating permits again, making this the fourth time in the last eight years, practically unheard of in the state! The older “group2” elevators received no violations (saving the campus money with no fees & fines), and yearly testing on the newer “group3” and “group4” elevators will take the rest of the summer. Great job team!





Special Recognitionsgerman

starFelicia Smith, Department Manager for the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department shared, “Mr. German Ramirez, who is our custodian on the second floor of Bainer, has done an outstanding job keeping our computer labs, conference room, offices/kitchen and bathrooms clean and well maintained all the time. He is hard working, task-focused, and takes pride in his work. We are very grateful to German for the excellent job he has done since he has been assigned to Bainer.” 



starBryan Jenkins, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Chair also shared, “I want to once again take the opportunity to thank you and your [custodial] staff for the outstanding service to the department and the University in helping to maintain the Bainer Hall facility.”



star“We would like to thank Mr. [Michael] Wais for the good and professional work he has done with our department.  He is always very polite, professional and efficient in his work tasks. We appreciate it very much!” said Myra Abshire, Asst. to Patrol & Outreach - UC Davis Police Department.