FM Newsletter - November 2018

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DM Project

Facilities Brings Voorhies Up-to-Date

Voorhies before
Voorhies Room 108 Before

Built in 1958, Voorhies Hall is home to many literary and humanities programs offered at UC Davis. This building is certainly a classic, with many of its original 1950s details, including green tiled restrooms. Luckily, Facilities is bringing Voorhies into the 21st century with some new and improved renovations, thanks to deferred maintenance funding. This deferred maintenance project will refresh all 12 of the existing restrooms and convert three to gender inclusive. This includes accessibility upgrades, new wall and floor tiles, LED energy efficient lighting, acoustical ceilings, paint, toilet partitions, signage and improved exhaust ventilation. In addition to the restrooms, the corridors on all three floors will be cleaned, patched and painted. In restroom 157, an unexpected addition has come forward! Facilities staff had an opportunity to convert an old storage closet in the women’s restroom into a lactation station. They presented the idea to the WorkLife & Wellness program who eagerly approved and provided furniture and equipment, to create a space for lactation in support of our staff. What a great and welcome addition to the space. 

unisex bathroom
Voorhies Room 108 after conversion to gender neutral restroom

One particularly unique effort of the upgrade is the removal of all the current exhaust fans and relocating them to the roof. This change leads to a more energy efficient process and better ventilation for the restrooms. It also means ease of maintenance, which helps eliminate restroom shutdown periods. The renovation of all the restrooms has required a tremendous amount of work and collaboration among all of the Building Maintenance Services shops. This project is an investment in the modernization and renovation of our beautiful campus. Not only does it provide a fresh look to 12 restrooms, but it also promotes an environment that is safe, accessible, and respectful of all individuals.  The anticipated completion is fall of 2018. 



ATTENTION VETERANS: Join the Veteran Self-Identification Campaign

vUC Davis wants to know how many Veterans it’s employing and this Veteran Self-ID effort is the first step in a campaign aimed at recruiting, retaining and cultivating more career opportunities for UC Davis Veteran employees.

If you’re a UC Davis Veteran employee, consider self-identifying at one of the upcoming tabling events or filling out the online form at: or stop by Operations Support and get a paper copy


Mechanical Insulation Team Adds Savings to Campus

yellow pipe
These photos show the multi colored metal jacketing that was done at Cruess Hall “I decided to mix and match the colors because Cruess hall is known for the arts and textiles. We wanted to make it funky to blend in,” said Dave

pipeIn the past couple of years, the Plumbing/ Steam shop has made some big changes. Through the use of DM funding, the introduction of mechanical insulation two years ago has led to energy savings and so much more!

Dave Hernandez and Donnie Brown in BMS specialize in mechanical insulation.  This two-man team successfully completes insulation projects throughout campus.  Mechanical insulation aka thermal insulation is used on piping equipment on a variety of mechanical systems such as boilers, HVAC systems, and ducts. The benefits include decreasing energy waste, regulation of temperature, mold prevention, personnel protection from hot or cold surfaces, and even improving the appearance of the piping.

“Before UC Davis had their own in-house insulators, all the work was bid out to contractors,” said Dave. Thanks to having the team in-house though, the timeframe for projects has been greatly reduced, and now, as soon as the steamfitters and plumbers complete their piping, they are able to complete the insulation projects immediately.  Read more online!





Employee Spotlight: Randall Williams, Environmental Health & Safety Manager  

randySixteen years ago, Randall joined UC Davis Fleet Services as an Automotive Attendant cleaning and fueling vehicles. Since then, he has had a variety of roles on campus. In 2011, he was offered the opportunity to work in Facilities as an Environmental Health and Safety Apprentice. Today, seven years later, Randall is the EH&S Manager. 

As part of his job, Randall helps promote and build a campus-wide safety culture which empowers and protects employees with the common goal of safety as a lifestyle. According to Randall, one of his favorite parts is having the chance to help provide training and safety tools to our staff! The diverse and interesting people, positions and duties, and the impact that safety culture makes on the employees Randall works with make his job that much more enjoyable. 

When he is not working, Randall spends his spare time studying for and teaching Bible Study each week, vegetable gardening, watching sports and spending time with his family and his grandkids -- and, when the opportunity arises, traveling. 

Custodial Wows at RMI South! 


Custodial staff gave the floors at RMI South a makeover recently, and they look great! The team removed the old finish on the cement floors using black stripping pads and would run 8-10 passes down an area until the cement appeared smooth. Then after several other processes, the team of custodians polished the cement and used a cement slip resistant product to give it a finishing touch! The team that worked on this project include Rick Flores, Bernard Rucker, Sangaram Singh and Marlene Slichter. Way to go!






IT Reminder: Habits to Keep You Safe Online

Always think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments.

Verify requests for private information (yours or anyone’s), even if the request seems to come from someone you know.

Protect your passwords. Make them long and strong, never reveal them to anyone, and use multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

Read the full list online at:

Alarms Team are Lifesavers at Shields!

fire alarmShields Library recently required an additional smoke detector, in which the current system had proprietary devices on it. This departmental project came down to requiring a spare or else the entire system would have to be swapped out. So the search was on! The alarms shop set out to locate a spare detector that could be used. Their diligence in locating a spare smoke detector, which they did find, saved the project potential added unforeseen charges  and more time to a project that had a very tight timeline. Debbie Snap, Library Management & Building Support shared, “A very special thank you...for finding an extra smoke base. You are a life saver…or should I say…project saver!”








Star Awards

john coon
John Coon for being an exceptional team player and consistently going out of his way to support the entire ECO entire team.
george jones
George Jones for the vital role he plays in keeping the campus’ high voltage system running smoothly.
mike eary
Mike Eary for his dedication and support during the customer support staff transition.


FM’s STAR award program is designed to recognize individual staff members who embrace our core values while demonstrating leadership and empowerment in their job. Congrats to our recent recipients!

Special Recognitions

starCatherine Strong in the Dept. of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics shared, “Thank you, Erik [Fernandez]…you all did a FANTASTIC job on the floors. And your follow-up with updated information was extremely professional and most appreciated. Thank you again for the excellent work and the sincere dedication of you and your staff!” 

starKen Shackel from the Plant Sciences Department shared, “I am very satisfied with the custodial service that we receive from Rosana Fagaragan on the 3rd floor of Wickson Hall. I have been in Wickson for over 30 years, and Rosana is one of the [most] personable and friendly custodians we have had.”



starMike Cullen, Firefighter with UCFD said, “I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your assistance in maneuvering one of our wrecked vehicles onto West Quad and back this past week. We had our annual Fire Day on the Quad event, and one of the mainstays of the day is performing an auto extrication demo for the students. Without the prompt and expert assistance of Andrew Scarbrough & [Jimmy Pullin], it would not have been possible. Thank you so much to Andrew and Fleet Services in general for helping make Fire Day on the Quad such a success for us. We look forward to working with you in the future!”


“I’m circling back to let you know that we have received a great amount of positive feedback since the adjustments were made to the temperature in our new FAIS Call Center. We appreciate the continued collaborative effort to keep our staff comfortable in their new space!” comes from the Division of Student Affairs.