FM Newsletter - March 2018

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Fleet Tackles Sustainability

Charging stationsFleet Services is part of the UC Fleet Sustainability Working Group as a way to collaborate on achieving carbon neutrality. This group is composed of leaders from all of the University of California campuses. They formed this group to work together to tackle common green fleet challenges!

The catalyst for this group was the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which lays out the expectation that every UC Fleet Service will reach net-zero carbon emissions from fleet vehicles by 2025. This group is working together to share their Carbon Neutral Fleet Plans for each campus to determine best practices and possibly combine them as well. 

One of the first approaches our Fleet Services staff is looking at what is currently available on the market. They are exploring fueling and vehicle options as well as the reduction of fuel use. They are also looking at electrification of fleet vehicles, and what kind of infrastructure that would require. 

Fleet Services here and in the workgroup believe that the targets laid out in the policy are doable, and are also working closely with business partners on opportunities to explore additional ways to achieve them also. 

However, Fleet Services reminds us that one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions is through our driving habits! That means considering trip reductions and planning out trips, reducing idle time in your car, and being considerate of your speeding/braking habits. These are simple things that all FM staff can do here and at home to help reduce carbon emissions. 

Keep up the great work Fleet Services!


DM Project: Wickson Hall Mechanical Rooms 

wickson hallwicksonBMS completed a DM cleanup at Wickson Hall where mechanical rooms had over 20 years’ worth of materials and debris! There are six mechanical rooms total in Wickson Hall with two on each floor, including the entire basement area. The project took a total of six weeks to complete and the difference is unmistakable. You can now see from one doorway to the other with no debris. 

The team also did their best to recycle as much as possible. Everything was sorted by wood, metal, and general debris. BMS Director John Zertuche would like to say “very impressive and thank you” to all team members that helped with the cleanup and a special thanks to Randall Williams and Lupe Laguna who helped coordinate this clean up. Way to go team! 

Safety is Everyone’s Business 

safety iconsJanuary Injury #s 

  • Slips, Trips, Falls – 1
  • Material Handling – 2
  • Struck By – 1
  • Repetitive Motion – 2
  • Chemical Exposure - 2

February Injury #s

  • Slips, Trips, Falls – 1
  • Material Handling – 1
  • Repetitive Motion – 1

Put safety first: only you can get us to zero incidents! 

Employee Spotlight: Matt Castles, Business Analyst

MattMatt Castles works in Business Services, which is a business partner and support team for Facilities Management. Their work supports all that we are able to do in FM!  

Matt is the business analyst for Building Maintenance Services and the Energy Conservation Office. He has been working with Facilities Management in his position for four years. Matt started his career with the UC Davis Medical Center in 1995 and has been in various roles since then. He was excited to have an opportunity to work on the Davis Campus, as he shared that was his ultimate goal! 

His primary duties include human resources and payroll support, liaison between the departments and Shared Services Center, serving as account manager for the two groups, and running and analyzing reports. 

Last year, Matt assisted with approximately 40 recruitments, including both BMS and ECO new hires. In addition, he worked on roughly 15 separations, 15 internal hires (promotions), and managed approximately 25 accounts associated with BMS and ECO. 

Matt is also an AggieFacilities (TRIRIGA) and DSL guru of sorts! He is very knowledgeable of those programs and helps BMS staff with questions they have. We are glad to have Matt supporting our teams!

Shoutout to High Voltage Crew 

Recently, the Utilities High Voltage Crew re-installed a refurbished regulator at the UC Davis Substation, which provides power for the whole campus. The refurbishment cost $22k and saved FM $80K in lieu of a new regulator. This equipment regulates the high voltage leaving the substation that feeds power to 25 buildings on campus, including Shields Library, Memorial Union, and many others on the east side. While the unit was being refurbished, which took about six months, the crew worked hard to re-feed the power and make sure the campus did not notice the transition. The team had everything back up and running in three days once the regulator was delivered. This was not only much needed, but a mission critical job! 

Utilities   utilites

Special Recognitions

JasonstarLaurie Brignolo the Interim Director of Teaching and Research for Animal Care Services shared, “I just left N2 – our rabbitry – where Jason Howard from the plumbing shop was assessing our water heater. I was very impressed with him. He seemed very knowledgeable about our issue with the water heater. I was especially impressed with his concern for the rabbits.  He reached out to us – described the options, the amount of noise and helped us work out a plan to manage the rabbits in a couple of different scenarios.”

starKatie Lucot PhD candidate with VM CCAH shared, “I have been in the CCAH for 4 years now and I have never received the kind of prompt, thorough, and timely help, as I have from Lawrence Borrego and Ryan Duncan.  Both of them...have gone above and beyond to fix the loud screeching fan noise in my office...Lawrence and Ryan have not only repeatedly checked in on the problem, but they have made sure to update me on the progress of the repair. They are incredible! Thank you for having such great personnel”


Lyra Pineda-Nelson the Business Admin Asst. with VM CCAH shared, “We wanted to acknowledge Lawrence Borrego and Ryan Duncan and thank them for being on top of this ticket and wonderful customer service they have provided. They are wonderful to work with.”


starKaylie Kingston, Administrative Officer with the Center for Equine Health shared, “We have a new director here at the CEH and...we decided to take a chance on the [Office] Refresh program. The end result: We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and with Jeff and his team. They met with us to figure out what we wanted, advise us on our options and were incredibly responsive and attentive throughout the process. They were also friendly, hardworking and extremely professional.”