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Thank Goodness for Staff a Hit!tgfs

TGFSThank Goodness for Staff was held on May 16 for Day and Swing shifts and the morning of May 17 for our Night shift! We hope that everyone who wanted to had a chance to get out and see the festivities, grab their free lunch and dessert, and have some fun. 

A special thank you to all of the staff who helped put together the Facilities Management, ECO, and Fleet Services booths. As well as thank you to everyone who volunteered during the swing and night shift programs! Your participation is what made these events great for our staff and we could not have had such a successful presence representing FM without your help. Thanks again!














Satisfaction Survey Results are in!

Excellent news! Our survey scores across BMS, Custodial, and Fleet put us at or very near the “Good” category! For our first time conducting the survey, those results are good news! This means we are doing many things really well, and we have some opportunities for improvement.

word cloud


Areas for Improvement:

  • We need to better communicate with our customers
  • Customers want to be better informed about where their work orders are & what is being done
  • We need to better problem solve for our customers


888 respondents
Mean score: 3.57

Influential strengths: understands my needs and requirements


990 respondents
Mean score: 3.42

Influential strengths: understands needs, knowledgeable staff, helpful staff


620 respondents
Mean score: 4.20

Influential strengths: responsive to requests or problems within an acceptable time

DM Project: Hydration Stations

hydration stationRecently, Facilities installed new hydration stations for bottles at Vet Med 3A, Gourly Clinical Teaching Center, and Valley Hall using deferred maintenance funds. It took about 10 days to install the stations, and cost approximately $10,000 for each station, including labor. The new stations are environmentally friendly, as they cut down on disposable plastic water bottle waste. One station has already saved around 1500 bottles, in just about four weeks! The stations are also faster and more efficient for users.

The installation was a group effort across Facilities and included staff from structural, electrical, plumbing and paint. For the most recent installations, a special thank you to Victor Franceschi, Fausto Portillo, Jesse Pedroza, Don Petty, and Gabriel Waterman!

Employee Spotlight: Thomas Kane, Mechanical Inspector

ThomasSix months ago, Thomas Kane felt the need for change in his life. He had been working for steam for six years and a new career opportunity presented itself so, he went for it. Now he is part of the Facilities Condition Assessment team in Asset Management. 
His new position entails inspecting building by building throughout campus to determine the condition, with specific focus on heating and cooling. He also generates estimates for the suggested changes so that the customers know exactly what their money will go toward. 

Kane is enthusiastic about his position, “I never saw the overall picture before.” He mentioned that he now has a better understanding of the entirety of the equipment in our buildings as well as seeing things better from the customer’s point of view. 

On the weekends, he enjoys racing vintage motorcycles with his son. Kane’s contributions to UC Davis and surrounding universities hold great importance. Thank you for your dedication!

Shoutout to our STRIVE Recipients!

The Office of Strategic Solutions recently recognized staff in Facilities Management and partnering departments by presenting them with the new STRIVE Award! The award is given to employees who have gone above and beyond the status quo on projects that create efficiency, improve quality, and/or reduce costs in support of the university’s mission. STRIVE stands for Sustainable, Transformative, Return-on-Investment, Interconnected, Voluntary and Entrepreneurial.

Congratulations to the Office Refresh team, Jeff Carbahal, Mark Rodriguez, and Brian Reust, as well as the staff the worked that on the “Increasing Wrench Time” project, Joe Burns, Aaron Knapek, Doug Mains, Tony Vitone, and Eric Loveless. These staff received the very first STRIVE awards, way to go! Want to nominate someone for a STRIVE Award? Reach out to Hampton Sublett. 

office refresh
Office Refresh team: Mark Rodriguez, Jeff Carbahal and Brian Reust
wrench time team
“Increasing Wrench Time” project: Joe Burns, Tony Vitone, Eric Loveless, Doug Mains and Aaron Knapek.








Special Recognitions

starGreat job to our Custodial staff that have partnered with Shields Library staff to improve their services: Namrata Kumar,  Angela Espinoza, Higinio Magana, Kevin Watts, Michael Orona, David Halk, and Joanna Raymond for their work! Recognition also goes to Principal Supervisors Jasmine Aranda and Christian Rosopa and Assistant Supervisors Aaron Tucker and Nathan Barstad! Library Management and Building Support shares that, “We are confident continued improvement is well under way.” So keep up the great work!

starFrom S. Kaan Kurtural in the Dept. of Viticulture and Enology shared, “Thank you again for your quick and timely response to the Oakville Station flooding that happened on or about 6 May 2018. I also wanted to recognize Michael Wais and Abel Martinez for their expert handling of the situation, especially on a Sunday. I would also like to recognize and thank Chris Persons from the plumbing shop who took care of the cause of the flooding by capping the expansion tank outlet and removing the old water heater.”


New website tracks where UC Davis invests its deferred maintenance funds

project mapOver the past two years teams from Finance, Operations and Administration have completed or are actively working on $50M+ in deferred maintenance projects with more planned for the future. This website shares how, when and where we are tackling the campus’s most critical needs. LEARN MORE 

Visit the Deferred Maintenance website

Confined Spaces Training

confined spacesOn May 8 & 9th, Facilities management hosted a 2-day comprehensive confined space training with 11 attendees. The aim of this training was to bring awareness about the risks of working in confined spaces, along with how to plan appropriately to ensure a job well done. Participants learned about what defines a space as confined, hazards and the potential impacts on the workers, and equipment use such as air monitors. Confined spaces are not taken lightly as they pose a variety of dangers such as potential chemical exposure, oxygen deficiency, and physical hazards, which is why this training proves to be invaluable.

"The [confined spaces] training was excellent, the instructor was very knowledgeable with a lifetime of real world experience. The training we received will go into effect immediately when dealing with steam vaults and other areas we did not fully realize were confined space required permit areas. I feel with the confined space requirements clearly defined and with the hands on training we are much better prepared to take the right precautions...We are also better prepared to call for the right equipment and help if something did go wrong on the job site making rescue operations safer and quicker," shared Kevin Eurbanks. 

FM Brewers Compete

The Fourth Annual UC Davis Staff Brewing Competition was held in the Buehler Alumni Center on Friday, May 11, featuring IPAs, ales and ciders all homebrewed by talented UC Davis staff members, including two teams from Facilities Management!

Our teams:

  • "Bi-Fuel Brewery" members:  Dave Franklin, Jose Aguero, Beth Loesch, Steven Lanterman, Andrey Furmuzan, and Dan McCann
  • "Hop Heads" members: Nick Harden,  Jared Duncan, and Ryan Duncan

The "Hop Heads," last year's winners, took home the Best Cider award this year! Read what they had to say in The California Aggie!

brewers brewers





brewers brewers