FM Newsletter - July 2018

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Veterinary Medicine Shares Thanks for Accreditation

Vet med
Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration shares her thanks for FM staff.

Facilities staff are part of what makes UC Davis the #1 ranked veterinary school in the world! Recently, Veterinary Medicine staff thanked Facilities Management for their work in ensuring they receive and maintain necessary accreditations. In May, various speakers, including Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration, stopped by to give brief presentations and say thank you to facilities staff. 

Presentations were given by Dr. Rhonda Oates, from the Animal Care Program who expressed how vital facilities staff are to the AAALAC Accreditation UC Davis has received and the site visits that occur every three years to maintain accreditation. Rob Corcoran from the School of Veterinary Medicine also presented, and shared how our work on their 129 buildings help ensure their various accreditations remain current. 

Two university offices, the Teaching and Research Animal Care Services (TRACS) and the UC Davis Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) also had staff present that spoke about how we support their important operations. Without facilities their oversight would not be possible to ensure the safety and proper care of animals on campus. 

     Vet med    Vet Med








Reminder: No Idling Vehicles

vehicleAs a reminder, please do not idle in your work vehicles. Our employees should never idle in their Facilities vehicles, turn the engine off if you plan to be immobile but are staying in your car or truck.

For every 10 minutes you idle, you’ll put one pound of carbon dioxide into the air. Reducing idling is not only environmentally friendly, it is also good for the pocket-book and a good “at home” practice too. An idling car uses 3/5 gallon of fuel each hour, so turning your engine off saves you gas!

DM Project: Academic Surge Fire Alarms

fire panel
Work on the fire panel in progress

Recently, Facilities Management’s Electrical/Alarms Shop completed work on the fire notification devices at Academic Surge on campus. The team consolidated two panels down to one and updated the equipment. They spent about four months and $137,000 to update the fire system in the building. 

This deferred maintenance project was much needed, as the fire notification devices in the building had become obsolete, making them unable to properly sync with the upgraded equipment. It is critical that the notification devices were updated so that they could better prevent potential photosensitive epilepsy from unsynchronized strobes. 

In addition, the Electrical/Alarms team is now also able to remote into the system to check the status and condition of the devices. This allows the team to be proactive before devices fail or get too dirty for proper function. They can now better and more regularly monitor the fire notification system in Academic Surge.

Thanks to the project team Matt Monroe, Colby Naake, Lance Hamilton, Blake Titus, Darrell Marcum and Kyle Dundas and Mike Rohde for your work!

Fire panel before
Fire panel before
fire panel after
Fire panel after







New website tracks where UC Davis spends deferred maintenance funds

aerial viewOf all the UCs, UC Davis faces the most significant deferred maintenance challenge in the UC system with a $1 billion DM backlog. To help address this issue, the university secured a Century Bond in 2015 that is now helping our campus manage about 10% of the backlog.

Facilities Management is central to all the deferred maintenance work happening throughout our main campus and beyond. Over the last couple of years it is truly amazing the amount of DM work this organization has completed, what it is now actively engaged in working on as well as what projects the future holds. 

A new website shares all of this information and more with the help of interactive project maps, reports and news articles. Staff are encouraged to learn more at

Employee Spotlight: Debbie White, Plumbing Maintenance Foreman

DebbieDebbie White has been on the UC Davis campus for almost 19 years. She came to Facilities Management from the union hall and now is the Plumbing Maintenance Foremen. As one of the few women in Facilities, she understands that her role is key, especially when it comes to the plumbing side of things. “There is a need for women in this organization especially with all the women’s bathrooms and locker rooms on campus.”

As the overseer of the plumbing team, she strives to be personable, flexible, understanding, and have an open door policy for her team. A few of her duties include assigning all of the work to her crew, ordering material, and collaborating with other shops to complete jobs. 

In her free time, she loves to cook and bake for others. She usually brings in items to share during the week. Not to mention she always has candy for those with a sweet tooth! Debbie is a kindhearted individual, which shows by how she treats her crew and others alike. Thank you for being a light in this organization!

Everson & Rock Halls Bike Rack Lighting Improvement!

In mid-June the Utilities Outdoor Lighting crew finished installing lighting for new bike racks at Everson Hall and Rock Hall. The work took approximately two months and are a great safety addition to the area. 

At Rock Hall, a new type of fixture was used, the Philips Gardco SlenderForm, which lights up the area completely instead of spotlighting. The crew wanted to try out the new lights to see if they could provide a higher quality of aerial lighting. Now, they need your feedback! If you see the lighting at Rock Hall in the evening or early morning, let George Stone ( know what you think about the new fixtures!

Lighting at the Everson Hall bike racks
rock hall
New type of lighting fixtures used at the Rock Hall bike racks 









Shoutout to ECO!

shoutoutCongratulations to Energy & Engineering for their two 2018 Sustainability Best Practice Awards! The UC Office of the President and California Higher Education Sustainability Conference recently announced their 14th annual awards competition winners, and Energy & Engineering won in the “Data Driven Communications Campaign” category for TherMOOstat and the “Energy Efficiency at the Campus Level” category for the Small Workspace Air & Remote Monitoring (SWARM) project. Congratulations to all the staff that helped in this achievement!


Special Recognitions

starEvan Dumas and the Food Recovery Network shared, “I just wanted to say thank you for everything Fleet Services has done for our club.  Without the electric cart that you repaired and allowed to be parked at Fleet Services we would not have been able to recover and donate the nearly 12,000 pounds of food that we have since January.  All of this food has been delivered to homeless shelters in Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento.”

starThe Coffee House Facility Manager shared, “The last panel is now installed. Looks really terrific. Brian [Flemmer] your professionalism in creating the enclosure for the Swirlz Bread case is amazing. Thank you for your hard work on getting this project accomplished. Also, a shout out for Abel Martinez for grouting our kitchen floors this past Monday. An excellent job.”

starProfessor Andrew Ishida said, “Our current Custodian, Mohini Lal, has provided us with outstanding custodial service during the entire period she has worked in our area. She is always polite to me and everyone in my lab. We have been 100% satisfied with her work quality.”