FM Newsletter - February 2018

February 2018

FM News

Safety Lighting Walk

Utilities Power & Lights staff partnered with UC Davis Police for a successful Campus Safety Lighting Walk! With over 75 participants joining the walk, this was one of our most successful years yet. The event went from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and involved students, faculty and staff, and community members walking around campus looking for burnt out or broken lights and noting areas they think may need additional lighting for consideration. 
Thanks to all the Utilities staff that worked the event:

  • George Stone, Ext. Lighting Supervisor
  • Randes Biete, High Voltage Supvr & Shop Safety Coordinator 
  • Phil Erickson & Richard Noring, Electricians
  • Reece Carson & Kris Brown, Electrician Apprentices

Thank you to all our FM staff from BMS, Operations, & Utilities that came out and volunteered their time to participate!

Lighting Walk     Lighting Walk   

 Lighting Walk     Lighting Walk


DM Project: Cooling Towers Before & After

New cooling towers at the Life Science building are expected to be complete in February. The two 250-ton towers help support research in environmental chambers that simulate varying environmental conditions. They’ve reached the end of their lifespan and were beginning to show wears/cracks in the structure of the equipment. 

Cooling towers     New Tower

The replacement project began in June 2017, cost a total of $325,000, and took the coordination of various departments within our Building Maintenance Service. BMS sheet metal, refrigeration shop, electrical construction, plumbing, steam shop, and mechanical IPE staff all had a part in helping to replace the cooling towers.


Employee Spotlight: Claire Lin, P.E. 

Claire LinClaire Lin is an Associate Engineer in our Utilities Service. Recently she completed her exams for and became a licensed Professional Engineer. Claire is now one of four licensed P.E.’s in Utilities!

This is a huge milestone in the career of a professional civil engineer and allows our Utilities Service expanded functionality to keep tasks in-house, instead of contracting out the duties. 

Having a licensed professional engineer (like Claire) in Utilities can reduce a large amount of expenses associated with contracting engineering services. For example, developing permit application packages for water, wastewater, and solid waste; conducting engineering studies; certifying engineering reports and performing engineering calculations are all things she can now do independently!

“Passing the tests took months of hard work and dedication,” shares David Trombly, Sr. Engineer and Claire’s supervisor.

Some of Claire’s recent projects she has been assigned to now that she has her P.E. license include the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting for campus wastewater treatment system, Class III Landfill Remediation Monitoring, and campus drinking water quality compliance. Claire says she is excited to take more ownership of projects in the future now that she has a P.E. license and looks forward to getting to review project scopes and certify reports as she continues in Utilities Service.

Shoutout to ECO

shoutoutOur Energy Conservation Office (ECO) staff have been awarded funding for two Carbon Neutrality Initiative proposals! The first, called “Putting Vacant Buildings to Sleep” looks for a methodology and technology solution to identify vacant buildings and ways that loads in those buildings can be “put to sleep.” The second is to package their TherMOOstat app for other campuses to customize and use! 


Special Recognitions

starKari Hagen, Staff Research Associate with the Dep. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics shared this about custodians Roshni Deo & Mohini Lal and, “As the year comes to an end, I’d like to express our lab’s appreciation for Mohini and Roshni, the custodians who clean our lab (Room 231) and the second floor of Briggs Hall every evening...They both do a great job for us, and are always friendly and efficient when they come through the lab. Last night they cleaned and waxed the floors in the hallways--they look beautiful!”

starDaniel Wright, Inspector Planner Estimator & FM employee of 23 years had this to say about John Zertuche and staff, “John Zertuche has made some great progress!...John has a way of encouraging and reminding us of our goal: to provide great service to campus. Emily and all the new faces at our service desk have been doing a great job. Kristin and Amanda both have been a tremendous help to me...Thanks for working behind the scenes, and for the organizational changes. Things have definitely been moving in the right direction!”


starChief Administrative Officer Carla Muñoz sent a special thanks to Teresa Deluna, Fredimar Agbayani, Rosalie Castano and Arturo Galanto in Custodial Service for their excellent work waxing the hallways and lobby in her building! Their great work was even photographed and sent to their manager (pictured above)!


916 Area Code Update

phoneStarting Feb. 10, dialing from 916 will change! If you have a 916 area code, starting Feb. 10, when you call from your number you must include the area code of the number you’re dialing for the call to go through. Instead of dialing seven digits, you’ll dial 1 + ten. For example, to reach UC Davis Health, you’ll dial 1-916-734-2011. Simply dialing 734-2011 won’t work anymore.


FM Staff Come to the Help of Horse Riders!

horseIn early January, two horse-riders were knocked off of their horses at UC Davis. Our Facilities Management staff heard the calls on their radio and were quick to respond! What can FM do in situations like this? Well, quick thinking and a willingness to lend a helping hand means our staff can do a lot!

FM staff were notified of the incident when Victor Franceschi, plumber in BMS, radioed that two horses were galloping at full speed on La Rue Road, passing the Custodial Services building and heading towards Old Davis Road. His call alerted Jim Miller, Sr. Building Maintenance Worker, who was driving on Old Davis Road. Jim quickly turned around his vehicle and went to the path of the horses. He has experience with horses and was able to get them to stop before they went any further. Danny Wright, Sr. Physical Plant Mechanic, was also on the move when he heard the call and joined Jim in wrangling the horses and walking them to the Cole Facility.

During this time, Lupe Laguna, Sr. Physical Plant Mechanic Supervisor, had been driving on La Rue when the two horses passed him. He saw a rider on the street and pulled his vehicle over to check on the individual. Lupe immediately began to radio for first responders and stayed with the woman until emergency services arrived.

While these actions were certainly outside their normal day-to-day duties and operations, our staff acted quickly and swiftly to make sure the riders, horses, and pedestrians were safe. After all, our FM staff don’t horse around when it comes to being good citizens! Thank you for your quick action!


ECO gets Plant & Enviro Science Building BREEAM USA award

BREEAMOn Jan. 26, 2018, the Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES) building and its occupants received a BREEAM USA award. The PES building was the first academic building in the U.S. to earn green certification and also to earn an “Excellent” rating for the category of Asset Management.

This certification was the first project to be 100% managed by students on the Green Building Team.  Since the requirements of the program are clearly defined, the students were able to work independently and have ownership of this project. They learned about the campus, maintenance of buildings, grounds upkeep, long-range planning, strategic planning, policy, and more!

The UC Davis Green Building Team pursued BREEAM as it provides greater flexibility for buildings that do not fit other green building certifications. Another advantage to the BREEAM process is that it provides a benchmarking tool that can be used to assess further improvements to facilities and processes. 



New AggieFacilities (formerly TRIRIGA) Customer Interface

UC Davis Facilities Management customers asked for more functionality from our campus-wide work order system, AggieFacilities (formerly called TRIRIGA), and we answered! FM is excited to announce an all new user interface and updates that give customers the ability to track tasks, view real-time changes and receive notifications. All this and more went live on Jan. 31, 2018.