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Utilities & College of Agriculture Partner to Improve Research

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New water infrastructure will boost UC Davis agricultural research capabilities on nearly 300 acres, just west of Highway 113. The infrastructure, which includes new piping and a pump station, was completed as a partnership between the Utilities Services department and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. One primary goal of the project was to provide excellent test beds to projects across all parcels on the acreage, and this project delivered!


The old infrastructure was from the 1960s and had decayed over time. The original structures were concrete pipes, supplied with groundwater & surface water , with minimal water pressure. The new system became operational in October and will provide filtered surface water at pressure that allows for drip irrigation.

The new system has the capacity to provide 3,000 gallons of water a minute at 50 lbs pressure—a significant and necessary improvement. “We need that high volume because we’re serving 300 acres out here,” shared Lew Pollock, Associate Director for Utilities. “That’s a high water demand.”

dirtThe upgrades will make doing irrigation research at the site more attractive for scientists who need clean water under pressure to explore innovative methods of irrigating California crops. Some of the research also involves side-by-side comparisons of different irrigation techniques.

All of work was done in-house by our UC Davis Utilities Services and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,  with help from FM Asset Management team, and we want to congratulate them on the job well done! The Facilities teams include Master Planning/Project Delivery, Water & Gas, Instrumentation and Controls, High Voltage, Generator Crew, and FM Asset Management/GIS!



Energy Savings & A Serendipitous Find at VetMed 3A!

Our Energy & Engineering team and Building Maintenance Services have done it again! They recently completed a project in VetMed 3A in the large anatomy lab that not only will save the campus energy, but has created better teaching conditions for the professors in the building.

aThe Energy & Engineering team found that the lab was only used during the week throughout fall, winter, and spring quarters, but was ventilated and conditioned 24/7. They decided that the best course of action to reduce energy in the space, but still err on the side of caution, was to provide manual controls that allow the lab operators to temporarily decommission (ie turn down airflow) in the lab. They worked with HVAC controls who then designed and installed the control panel that the lab operators now use. panel

Once the controls were installed, the final step was to provide means for controlling airflow. The Energy & Engineering team worked with HVAC controls and sheet metal shops to fabricate a custom 4 foot by 4 foot exhaust damper for the main exhaust duct coming from the lab, along with an airflow station. The system is now able to control the exhaust airflow with the damper and track it with the air flow station. When the lab is in ‘occupied ventilation’ mode, the airflow setpoint is 11 air changes per hour (roughly 13,000 CFM), and when the lab is in ‘unoccupied ventilation’ mode, the airflow setpoint is 4 air changes per hour (roughly 4,700 CFM). What a huge difference their work made!

ductOne final benefit of this controls upgrade became apparent towards the end of the project. Several of the professors that regularly teach in the lab shared that it was very difficult to instruct in the room because the airflow was so high and difficult to speak over. After collaborating with our Energy & Engineering and BMS teams, along with the lab operators and representatives from the veterinary safety department, it was determined that professors could use the controls to place the lab into ‘unoccupied ventilation’ mode at the beginning of the lab (before samples had been taken out of the walk in cooler), which made it significantly easier to instruct the students. Then, after instruction the lab could be placed into ‘occupied ventilation’ mode and the true lab work could begin. It was a serendipitous additional benefit and one the teams are proud to have discovered!




Green Buildings & BMS Strive for Platinum

In Facilities’ first and largest joint green building project between Building Maintenance Services and the Green Building staff, we are setting the bar high!  Aiming to be the first UC Davis Deferred Maintenance project to earn a US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certification, the two teams came together to work on certification for the Center for Health and Environment TPHR Lab. The BMS team included the Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, and Structural shops. Although the final LEED rating won’t be known until the end of 2019, we do know the upgrades our teams worked on improved our overall score and put us in the running for earning a LEED Platinum rating!

Additional points the teams earned include:

  • Improved energy efficiency (up to 25% in annual energy usage reduction) with HVAC retrofits and building envelope upgrades such as Tyvek wrapping and upgraded roofing (15 or more of the 18 LEED points available plus an additional 1 point for the new roofing)
  • Upgraded bathroom fixtures which will vastly reduce indoor water usage (2-3 points)
  • Sustainable purchasing of roofing, siding and windows (1 point), and
  • With help from David Drake and his team, we had a 82% waste diversion rate (2 points)

According to John Zertuche, this type of a joint venture has not been attempted before and is very exciting to him and his team, “David Griffiths, Joe Lestanguet and Amy Burns took the lead on this and I am very impressed by what was accomplished. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of the team members that came together to make this such a success.” The lessons here will be captured and used to improve our overall Facilities operations, communications and sustainability planning between the Green Building office and Building and Maintenance Services.

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Vending Machines Have Arrived in Location 3


Registration and training for the Fastenal Vending Machines began on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018. Shops have been sent an individual calendar invite for their scheduled registration/training time. 

If you are unable to make it during your scheduled time, please email to request a make-up time.
The vending machines will have a variety of safety PPE such as disposable gloves, safety glasses, safety vest, and more! 




Register by December 18 for Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

duolingoMeet the electronic version of a deadbolt on your door -- Duo is now available at UC Davis. In order to better protect your user logins from phishing and hacks, Duo requires users to enter a second “factor” before logging into certain programs or services. 

Some of the benefits of duo multi-factor authentication include: 

  • Better security for you and your computing account
  • Better security and protection of campus data assets, applications, and websites
  • You can use your smartphone to approve the second factor, or request a hard token.

Sign up today at the IET website! For more information, visit the Move to Duo website.



ECO Launches New Campus Comfort Webpage

campus comfort

The Energy Conservation Office knows that comfort and energy go hand in hand. They’re encouraging those around campus that may feel “uncomfortable” to learn more about signs that their building is wasting energy! Visit Campus Comfort 101 to find out the different factors that affect comfort on campus and learn more about what ECO and FM is doing to make campus buildings work better for all of us.

Employee Spotlight: Darrell Marcum, Fire Alarm Electrician

amyWhen the fire alarm system encounters a problem, alarms start beeping, or a panel needs batteries replaced, you need an Electrical Alarm technician to check it out! When this happens, you may see Darrell Marcum on his way to troubleshoot.

Darrell has been working as a Fire Alarm Electrician since he joined Facilities at UC Davis two years ago. As part of the Fire Alarm Shop, he is responsible for testing and maintaining fire alarm systems, and occasionally switching out the older systems with newer panels. However, one of his favorite parts about his job is troubleshooting when something breaks or stops working properly. Most of the time, this can be done within his schedule, but sometimes this means staying after hours or late evenings. According to Darrell, there have been occasions in which the system goes down on a Friday night. When this happens, it means he is staying until the systems are back and working properly. He, just like the rest of his team, gets the job done as lives could depend on it one day (but we hope not!).

Although he was new to campus when he started working here, Darrell enjoys the training and advancement opportunities that are offered. One of his favorite things about working in Facilities has been working with those in his shop. But, when Darrell is not working, he likes to stay active. Outside of work, one of his favorite activities is to work out at the gym and stay in shape.


Facilities is Quick to Respond at Shields Library

crawl spaceEarly in November, the BMS Plumbing Shop responded to an odor call in Shields Library and found that a cap for a 3-inch sewer line had detached. This led to the closure of the 24-hour Student Room and restrooms that serve the first, second and third floors. The line was in a small crawl space that needed to be cleaned and disinfected before repair. Our plumbing and projects teams sprang into action notifying the library and Facilities staff of the next steps needed, and a specialty contractor was brought on-site to begin cleaning.

The project team provided daily updates to library staff, helped construct a plastic barrier to prevent any odors from spreading, and laid out deodorizers. The glass shop also unsealed the access window to allow the vendor to start the clean-up.

Once the cleaning was complete the Plumbing shop returned and installed a new cap. They also ensured that there were no further blockages in the line. Then, the Lock shop returned and reopened all restrooms involved.

Thankfully, due to the efforts of our team the library is back to normal operations! Bill Garrity, Deputy University Librarian shared, “I’m writing to acknowledge and commend the work of multiple members of your Facilities Management team in mitigating and repairing the recent sewer line break under the 24-Hour Room, please do extend the Library’s deepest thanks to them... Every one of the folks involved was great to work with – responsive, communicative, skilled, and committed to resolving the issue quickly. The Library appreciates everything they did.”

REMINDER: Fleet Reminds Staff to Turn on Headlights in Foggy Weather

lightsWinter is coming! Sorry for the Game of Thrones pun, but winter weather in Northern California is almost here and Fleet Services reminds all Facilities staff to turn your headlights on in foggy weather. Don’t only rely on your auto setting. Why? Because auto headlights during daylight conditions usually do not turn on the tail lights, turning the switch to ON ensures you can be seen.

With rain, winds, and fog around the corner throughout the winter months, it is imperative that you take safety seriously when driving!




Ladder Day is a Success!


its a ladderRecently, the Facilities Safety team partnered with Fastenal to hold Ladder Day! Ladder Day took place over two days, Nov. 13-14, and eight shops brought out their ladders for Fastenal to inspect. There were over 175 staff that participated and over 600 ladders inspected. The next steps will be completing the ladder inventory and barcoding our ladders to make future inspections even easier!












starPeter Mendar-Warwick with Solano Park Maintenance shared, “Just a quick follow up on the wall heater replacement in Solano Park 4122 yesterday. Ryan Montoya did a clean, thorough, and efficient job. He also communicated well in the scheduling, the run up to, and during the work itself. He and I have done a number of these together and once again, it was a positive experience.”


starCongrats to Vevencio Cagaanan in Custodial Services who received a thank you card and Early Academic Outreach Program tote bag on behalf of his excellent work in Haring Hall! The team there truly appreciates Vevencio’s work!