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HVAC Retrofit Sees Payoff

hvacThe University Services building has saved over $15,000 in only nine months from an HVAC retrofit project that was completed by BMS in June 2017. The project sought to improve the comfort for customers, increase BMS’ ability to troubleshoot HVAC issues in the building, and reduce energy consumption. 

Retrofitting the HVAC system at University Services consisted of replacing the existing air handling units with modern, efficient air handling units, refurbishing or replacing the ductwork and terminal units, and connecting all of it to the UC Davis central control system network. 

Once completed, our own Energy & Engineering office was able to gather energy use before and after the project to calculate the realized savings. “We love
 being able to help showcase the value of a project like this. The BMS Mechanical shop has really done something extraordinary for this building and our campus and this kind of work often goes unrecognized,” shared Sam Cole, with FM Energy & Engineering. He and his team member, Dan Colvin, who provided the energy savings calculations, hope to be able to offer this kind of support to many future BMS projects!

Ultimately, the retrofitted system has saved 161,000 kwh of electricity and 6,800 therms of natural gas between June 2017 and March 2016. This equates annually to a 47% decrease in natural gas use and a 31% decrease in electricity use!


DM Project: Tupper Hall Guardrails

Tupper Hall houses approximately 24 different departments for the School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine in our campus Health Sciences District.
Tupper Hall houses approximately 24 different departments for the School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine in our campus Health Sciences District.

This spring 2018, Tupper Hall, a 150,000+ square foot building in Health Sciences District and home to approximately 24 different departments in the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine, is the site of a project to replace rotting guardrails that line three sides of the building from top to bottom.

This work is happening now thanks to a Century Bond UC Davis secured in 2015 to help address critical building infrastructure projects such as this one, in addition to funding utilities infrastructure and road and path improvements throughout campus.

“We constantly evaluate the state of our buildings,” says Steve Barnett, senior superintendent for UC Davis Building Maintenance Services. “Improving Tupper Hall has been a priority for a while and now, thanks to deferred maintenance funding, we can take on projects like this.”

“The existing guardrails are made of laminated wood and were built during the initial construction of Tupper Hall in the 1970s,” says John Zertuche, director of building maintenance services. “Now, they’ve reached the end of their life span and are in need of an upgrade.”

The new guardrails will be powder-coated steel, able to withstand our Central Valley climate, and much safer.

Tupper Hall
Detail of railing degradation.

“We’ve been shoring up these railings over the years,” says Ken Tyson, Building Maintenance Serviced structural IPE. “Once the project is complete, short-term fixes will no longer be needed.”

Work replacing the guardrails began in 2017 when UC Davis Building Maintenance Services, together with Design and Construction Management, collaborated to improve the safety and look of Tupper Hall.

Tupper“This project was an opportunity to transform the deteriorated heavy wood rails with a lighter, more modern railing that fits in with all of the new buildings in the Vet Med/Health Science District,” shared Catherine Buscaglia, director at UC Davis Design and Construction Management. “Ultimately, the new guardrails will modernize the building and require much less upkeep.”

“We also hope the building occupants enjoy the extra light and views the new, perforated material supplies,” adds Barnett. “Improving safety doesn’t always mean improving aesthetics, but that will not be the case here!”

Contractors started demolishing the existing guardrails on the third floor. Notices placed around the building let occupants know about the construction and the anticipated summer completion date. Signage will be updated as construction moves around the building. If visitor or occupants have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to call the Facilities Management Customer Support Center at 530-752-1655.


Cross Training Program

Cross TrainingThis is Facilities Management’s first year for cross training to be open to all FM staff, and the response was excellent! The Cross Training Program application period ended on March 7 resulting in 60 applications with a total of 34 applicants.

Currently, applications are being reviewed by the first panel. Supplemental questionnaires were sent to applicants for specific positions. More details will be sent to all applicants as reviews continue.

The program is anticipated to start in July 2018. 


Safety is Everyone’s Business 

safety iconsMarch Injury #s 

  • Slips, Trips, Falls – 1
  • Material Handling – 2
  • Struck By – 1
  • Sharps – 1
  • Other - 1


Put safety first: only you can get us to zero incidents! 

Employee Spotlight: Mike Tribble, Sr. Storekeeper

MikeMike Tribble works in our Custodial Services as a Senior Storekeeper. He has been with UC Davis for 38 years!
Mike delivers everything that our custodians use on a weekly basis, including toilet paper, paper towels, chemicals and more. He visits all parts of campus each day. 

“I know what I do is important and I am grateful to be in a position where I am needed,” says Tribble. 

He is always looking for better ways to improve our services! Recently, he was part of the process for restructuring the Custodial Services delivery plan with Waxie, their supply vendor. He helped facilitate and organize how to have more efficient deliveries and ensure that the products get out faster to custodians. Way to go Mike!


Shoutout to BMS, Custodial, & Utilities 

BMS, Custodial, and Utilities stepped up in early March when the Robert Mondavi Institute – North building flooded on the first floor due to a chilled water line connection failure. After receiving a call reporting the flood, BMS night operators notified the UC Davis Fire Department who then pumped out 10,000 gallons of water from the building. Then BMS, Custodial, and Utilities were called in and went to work on getting RMI-North repaired. It took the work of our plumbing shop, steam shop, and carpenters to repair the damage caused by the flood. This included new carpeting, drywall repair, tile repairs, floor base repairs and more! Custodial helped clean and dry the area, while Utilities Services helped redirect as necessary. This was an all hands on deck situation, thank you to everyone who jumped in to help! Check out the online version to see more photos!

RMI FloodRMI Flood  RMI Flood 







RMI FloodRMI Flood








Special Recognitions

GusstarMaryAnn Mellor, Senior Director for Student Services shared, “I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great job Gustavo Solorzano is doing painting our hallways in the School of Education building.  I really appreciate his professionalism and clean and efficient work – thank you.”


starMike Davis, warehouse supervisor for the UC Davis Stores, “This morning Carl Richardson and Steve Townsend were out here and installed the new lights in our bathrooms...I wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude to both Carl and Steve for their excellent work and wonderful attitudes. Not only did they do a good job but they did it with a smile and very friendly attitude. It was a real breath of fresh air to interact with two gentlemen who obviously enjoy their work and took time to answer all my questions.”


Patrick Helbling, Assoc. Director for the Bodega Marine Lab, shared, “I want to say Jimmy was wonderful to work with.  He did a quick turn-around, and had it ready for pick-up following a meeting I had on campus.” Also, James Fitzgerald with the Office of Boating Safety said, “I would also like to say THANK YOU to Jim at the Fleet Service Desk; we had both the Diving and Boating Truck and Van serviced last month! He was a pleasure to work with and consistently helpful; truly appreciate the friendly experience, keep up the great work!”kamlesh


starKamlesh Lata, Sr. Custodian, found this note on her car! It says, “Thank you very much for cleaning. It would be a mess without you.”



Pie Eating Contest Winner


Richard Knee, BMS
Richard Knee, BMS