UC Davis short-term rentals

Fleet Rentals


  • Insurance and roadside services are provided by the university. 
  • Fueling cost is not recharged to the department.
  • Roadside assistance is provided through the National Automobile Club outside of Fleet operating hours. Learn more
  • Fleet vehicles are eligible to park in any A, C or E campus parking spots.
  • Daily and hourly rental vehicles are now equipped with FasTrak devices. Toll fees will be recharged to your department account listed on the reservation. To request a FasTrak device for a leased vehicle, contact Fleet Services vehiclereservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

How to rent

  1. Sign up for UCDrive. Note: it may take up to 24 hours to activate your account. Already have an account? Skip to #3.
  2. Review the training presentation on the UCDrive rental process.
  3. Make your online reservation.
  4. Pick up your vehicle at one of our convenient locations.

Reservations are strongly recommended as vehicle availability is limited. Reservations can be made up to 8 months in advance.