Department-Owned Vehicle Rates

UC Davis Fleet

If your department has purchased a vehicle, please notify Fleet Services.

Any vehicle purchased by a department must be registered with Fleet Services to ensure the university's auto insurance policy can be applied. In order to utilize the same benefits as Fleet-owned vehicles, monthly service and insurance fee will be billed to the department. 


Service and Insurance Rates - Effective 7/1/19

Type of Vehicle Monthly Insurance Total Monthly Cost
Sedans $40.00 $56.58 $96.58
Electric Vehicle $40.00 $45.25 $85.25
Heavy-Duty Vehicle $40.00 $84.75 $124.75
Motorcycles $40.00 $33.92 $73.92
Carts/Trailers $20.00 N/A $20.00

Vehicle Fueling 

All Fleet vehicles have access to the Fleet fueling system for low recharge prices. Some vehicles are equipped with an automatic reader that activates the fueling system at the pump. Some vehicles may require a proxy key to activate the system.

Fueling Operation Hours