Assigned Vehicles

UC Davis Fleet Rental

Lease for a vehicle one month or more

Does your department need a car for long-term use? A Fleet-owned vehicle can be assigned to your department.

How to request an assigned vehicle:

Assigned vehicles are available for lease with a 1-month minimum. To request an assigned vehicle, please fill out and submit this application to Fleet Services.

Benefits of leasing an assigned vehicle with Fleet:

  • A dedicated vehicle for your department use and needs
  • Complete routine scheduled maintenance and repairs are covered at no cost
  • Every rental vehicle has auto insurance coverage
  • Fueling is available for Fleet vehicles at a low recharge price 

Assigned Vehicle Rates - Effective 7/1/19

Type of Vehicle

Lease Per Month

Insurance Per Month

Total Assigned Monthly Cost





Electric GEM




Vans - Passenger/Cargo




Vans - Heavy Duty Cargo




Hybrid SUV




4x4 SUV




1/2 Ton Pickup




3/4 Ton Pickup




Vehicle Fueling 

All Fleet vehicles have access to the Fleet fueling system for low recharge prices. Some vehicles are equipped with an automatic reader that activates the fueling system at the pump. Some vehicles may require a proxy key to activate the system.

Fueling Operation Hours