Fleet Services FAQs

Temporary Hours of Operation

In an effort to promote physical distancing and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Fleet Services has reduced hours of operation.

Temporary Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Friday: 7:00AM – 3:30PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: Closed
  • Closed Holidays

A fuel card is located in the vehicle key pouch for after hours off-site fueling. Rental vehicles are available 24/7 through UCDrive

  • Does Fleet Services accept cash, checks, or credit cards for vehicle rentals (and other services)?
  • Fleet Services only accepts UC Davis account numbers for recharge.
  • Can I rent a vehicle from Fleet Services for personal use?
  • University vehicles are for official use only. Staff, faculty, and students with authorization may rent vehicles for campus business anytime. ZipCar is available on campus for personal rental. See Transportation Services for more information on other solutions. http://taps.ucdavis.edu/services
  • Do you manage any on-campus parking?
  • Transportation Services manages all parking matters on campus, please check their website for additional information.  http://taps.ucdavis.edu/ 
  • Where can I park a campus vehicle?
  • All campus vehicles with an E-Plate (California Exempt License Plate) are authorized to park in any E-plate designated parking space or any parking lot or space designated for “A” or “C” permit holders. 
  • Where do I return my daily rental?
  • During normal business hours, pull into the first lane by the fuel pumps at Fleet Services and return the keys to the kiosk. After hour returns, park the vehicle in Lot 49 and return the keys to the kiosk.
  • Do I have to fill up the fuel tank when I return a fleet vehicle?
  • If you have rented a daily vehicle, you are not required to fill the fuel tank. If fuel is needed during your rental period, please use the Voyager card located in the key pouch. If you rented an hourly vehicle, Fleet Services requests drivers to top off the tank anytime it is less than half full and to always plug-in electric vehicles.
  • Do Fleet Services vehicles come with Core access?
  • Fleet Services vehicles do not have core access. Please contact TAPS for Core access at 530-752-8277.
  • Which fueling stations take Voyager fuel cards?
  • Most major brand fueling stations accept the Voyager fuel card. ARCO does not accept Voyager cards. To find the nearest fueling station, please visit the Voyager Acceptance Location site. The Voyager card will prompt you to enter the customer ID, PIN, and odometer of the vehicle. This information can be found in the key pouch. 
  • My Voyager card is not working at any gas station. What do I do?
  • The card allows 3 swipes per day and will be locked out after the third swipe. During normal business hours, please call the dispatch office at (530) 752-0787 for assistance. You may also call the number located on the back of the Voyager card (800) 987-6591 – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. As an alternative, you may use a personal credit card and request reimbursement on your return to campus. 
  • Do I have to pay for toll bridges or any traffic citations?
  • Yes, the vehicle operator is responsible for payment of tolls, parking charges and any fines associated with traffic citations that incurred while operating the vehicle. Traffic and parking citations may not be paid from university funds.
  • Do you have to pay tolls with HOV stickers?
  • Yes, HOV stickers only allow you to drive in HOV lanes even if only one person is in the car. For further information on express lanes, please visit the Bay Area FasTrak website. 
  • Is FasTrak provided with Fleet Services vehicles?
  • FasTrak is NOT provided with Fleet Services vehicles. Bay area bridge tolls are the responsibility of the driver and user department. Go to Bay Area FasTrak to set-up your account prior to your trip. If you currently have an account, please link the license plate of your rental vehicle to your account for the period of time to be used to avoid additional penalties.
  • I have an Enterprise vehicle rented through Fleet that is due for service. Where should I take the vehicle?
  • Enterprise has a contract directly through Firestone and Goodyear for service and tires. The company will bill Enterprise directly. The Voyager card inside the key pouch is for FUEL ONLY on any Enterprise vehicle.
  • Can I park a university vehicle at my residence?
  • Refer to University of California Policy BFB-BUS-46: Use of University Vehicles.
  • Where can I buy a Davis–Berkeley shuttle ticket?
  • To purchase a ticket, please visit the Davis–Berkeley Shuttle website. UC Davis student, staff or faculty must log in with their Kerberos ID. UC Berkeley student, staff or faculty must use their CalNet ID.
  • How can I retrieve personal items left in a rental vehicle or shuttle?
  • All found items are turned in to the Fleet Services Parts Department for safekeeping and can be claimed during normal business hours 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please call 530-752-0577 to identify your items by markings, brand, color and confirm they have been found.
  • How do I turn in a Fleet-assigned vehicle?
  • Assigned vehicle should be returned to the Dispatch Office with a reason as to why the vehicle is being returned. Fleet staff will perform a walk around of the vehicle to note possible damage. Please contact vehiclereservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu if your department needs to turn in a vehicle.
  • I need to add accessories to my vehicle like a ladder rack, liftgate, bed liner, camper shell, etc; What is the process?
  • A modification form is required to be completed. The cost of the modification will be paid for by your department to keep the lease rates low for all vehicles in that class. Once the modification is made the accessory will remain a permanent part of the vehicle unless arrangements to pay for removal and restore the vehicle has been made.