Fleet Forms

Accident Report Form

An Accident Report Form is required to document and report damage to university vehicles and/or incidents involving a university vehicle. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-0789 or email fleetservices@ucdavis.edu.

Employer Pull Notice Forms

The Pull Notice Forms page contains information and forms on the California Department of Motor Vehicles Employer Pull Notice System. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-1199 or email pullnotice@ucdavis.edu.

Fleet Dispatch Card Order Form

The Fleet Dispatch Card is used to request a card to speed vehicle rental processing. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-0787 or email VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

Fuel Fob Order Form 

  • Fuel Fob Order Form: effective July 1, 2019, any fuel dispensed at the Fleet Services location will require a fuel fob to obtain fuel.

Licensing & Registration Forms

These Excel forms are used to gather required registration information for:

  • Boats, vessels
  • Carts, utility vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Vehicles

If you would like help registering a vehicle (boat, trailer, car, truck, etc.), call (530) 752-1199 or send an email to sbounds@ucdavis.edu.

Out of State Vehicle Use Form

Use the Out of State Vehicle Use Form to request authorization to take a University vehicle out of state. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-0787 or email VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

Proof of Insurance

Download Proof of Insurance. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-4307 or email rms@ucdavis.edu.

Reimbursement Request Form

Use the Reimbursement Request Form to reimburse out of pocket expenses for university vehicles. For assistance or questions, call (530) 752-7167 or email Fleet-Business@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

UCDrive Forms

Sign up for UCDrive. Note that it will take 24 hours to setup your account. If you would like help signing up for the UCDrive program, call (530) 752-0787 or email VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

Vehicle Request Forms

If you would like help obtaining a vehicle from Fleet Services, call (530) 752-0787 or email VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.