Department Controlled Vehicles

Fleet ServicesWhat is a department controlled vehicle?

Department controlled vehicles are those directly under the control of the using department, not Fleet Services. Generally, department controlled vehicles are specialized vehicles such as mobile clinics or fire apparatus. They may be purchased and controlled by a single department only if such vehicles are not available through Fleet Services. Prior written approval by the Fleet Services Director is also required. Other unique requirements may also qualify a vehicle to be department controlled and are evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Department Responsibilities 

  • Departmentally controlled vehicles must be maintained, inspected, and managed by the department.
  • Departments are responsible for assuring that vehicles and trailers in their care and custody conform to appropriate State and Federal requirements and that individuals operating them are properly trained and licensed. Guidelines for operation and maintenance of these vehicles are available from Fleet Services. These vehicles are subject to an annual inspection that includes an emissions inspection as required by State law.
  • Departments are also responsible for assuring that boats and associated safety equipment under departmental control conform to applicable State and Federal requirements and that operators are properly trained and licensed. Information on boat maintenance and safety is available from the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Departmentally controlled vehicles are covered on liability insurance if they are registered by Fleet Services. Departments are responsible for requesting liability insurance coverage for trailers and boats if necessary and for requesting physical damage insurance for all vehicles, boats, and trailers if needed.
  • Departments will be charged a monthly fee to cover the cost of liability insurance, parking (if the vehicle is housed on campus), and an administrative fee to monitor, track, and report the annual safety/smog inspection.

Vehicle Policies

  • UCD Policy and Procedure — Use of University Vehicles: PPM 300-30

Acquisition and Disposition of University Vehicles

  • University of California Business and Finance Bulletins - Business Affairs: Bus 8