UC Davis King Hall Restroom

Restrooms Cleaning Schedules

All restrooms have a set schedule of what is cleaned daily, monthly, and yearly. Custodial offers additional services on a recharge basis. If you are interested, see services and rates here.


  • Trash bins and receptacles are emptied.
  • Dispensers are checked and restocked as needed.
  • Tile is dust-mopped, sprayed with disinfectant, then mopped thoroughly.
  • All surfaces are sprayed with disinfectant and scrubbed.


  • All areas of the room are dusted: HVAC vents, window sills, baseboards, and fixtures.


  • Walls are washed.
  • Floors are scrubbed or stripped.

What to expect

  • All lights should functional. Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, faucets, door, and stall handles, and other bathroom fixtures are cleaned. All supplies are stocked. Toilets, sinks, and floor are all cleaned and disinfected.