UC Davis Memorial Union Conference Room

Conference Rooms Cleaning Schedules

All conference rooms have a set schedule of what is cleaned daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Custodial offers additional services on a recharge basis. If you are interested, see services and rates here

  • Trash bins are emptied.
  • Large debris is removed.
  • Tile is dust-mopped or the carpets are vacuumed.
  • Tabletops are wiped down.
  • Large debris is removed from chairs.
  • Chairs are placed back in position.


  • Door frames and light switches are cleaned.
  • Recycling containers are checked and emptied.
  • Minor stains are spot cleaned.


  • All areas of the room are dusted: HVAC vents, window sills, baseboards, and fixtures.


  • Chalkboards and whiteboards are washed.

What to expect 

Carpet and tile are clean but may be worn in high traffic areas. Certain carpet and/or tile stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Between weekly and/or monthly surface cleanings, dust build-up and fingerprints will be noticeable.