Billing Information

Account Charges

  • Vehicles Charges: To change your DaFIS billing account for vehicle charges, call 530-752-0787, fax 530-754-9400, or email (Fleet Services Vehicle Lease office).
  • Parking Charges: To change the account charged for parking fees, see Parking Charges below.

Assigned/Leased Vehicles

  • Contact: (530) 752-0787
  • Billed at month end
  • Prorated for partial month
  • Rate includes:
    • Lease charges
    • Fuel charges
    • Insurance pass-through costs

To view monthly billing by account number:

  • Run a DaFIS Transaction Listing FIS 2 Report
  • Fleet billing will have an origin code of MM
  • Order # is your vehicle number
  • Drill down on document # for additional detail

To view monthly billing by vehicle number:

  • Run a DaFIS 255 report
  • Use Fleet origin code of MM
  • Enter your vehicle # as the document tracking #
  • Run the report
  • Drill down on document # for additional detail

Daily Rental Vehicles (motor pool)

  • Contact: (530) 752-0787
  • Billed at month end
  • Rate includes:
    • Daily charge
    • Per mile charge

Shop Charges (labor, parts, outsourcing):

  • Contact: (530) 752-9669
  • Billed via DaFIS Interdepartmental Billing (IB) document
  • To view monthly billing for a specific account #:

Parking Charges

Charges a monthly fee for University vehicles to park on campus. Parking charges default to the same DaFIS account used for your assigned/leased vehicle charges. To change the account to one different from the vehicle account, contact TAPS and provide the new account number.

Federal Rebates

  • Contact: (530) 752-7167

Federal contracts and grants cannot be charged certain "unallowable costs". Fleet Services' rates include some of these unallowable costs and therefore a percentage of our recharges must be rebated back to federal accounts. This is generated by Accounting & Financial Services and will be recorded on your ledger as a credit. If Fleet Services should credit your federal account for a correction to a vehicle rental or lease, Accounting & Financial Services will generate a debit or charge to your account reversing the federal rebate.