Leading the Way in Custodial Innovation 

Custodial Services at Facilities Management (FM) has made many notable improvements to its operations this year and is looking ahead to how they can lead the way in cleaning innovations. This team is always looking for opportunities to serve our customers better, and these advances are evidence of that. 

Employee Spotlight: Ben Griffin

This month, we are highlighting Ben Griffin of the Building Maintenance Services (BMS) Ventilation Shop. Ben has been the Ventilation Supervisor for over a decade and with Facilities Management (FM) for 35 years! He worked six years as a laborer, seven as a ventilation mechanic, 10 with night operations and 12 in his current role. It’s safe to say that Ben knows his way around FM operations. 

Uncovering Energy Savings at Vet Med 3A MPT

A team effort between the Energy & Engineering team, and Building Maintenance Services (BMS) shops for sheet metal, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical created a big win at the Vet Med 3A Multipurpose Teaching (MPT) facility. In May 2022, along with BMS, the Energy & Engineering team discovered a maintenance issue with parts of the air handling units (AHUs) that provide cooling to the Vet Med 3A MPT. Read more about what was found and how the staff came together to complete this project. 

Making a Difference with Deferred Maintenance

The Asset Management Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) and ICAMP teams within Facilities Management (FM) are currently tracking nearly 200 deferred maintenance projects funded by Assembly Bill 94 (AB94) from 2019, 2020, and 2021 along with the State Budget Act from 2021. What a huge undertaking! Let’s check in with the team and see where we are today.