How FM Plans for the Future

Have you wondered how UC Davis buildings and infrastructure are managed in the face of growing populations, climate change, or general wear and tear over time? Our Asset Management team stays on top of these challenges through planning and the use of deferred maintenance (DM) funding so we can contribute to work, learn and enjoy our beautiful campus.

Making a Difference with Deferred Maintenance

The Asset Management Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) and ICAMP teams within Facilities Management (FM) are currently tracking nearly 200 deferred maintenance projects funded by Assembly Bill 94 (AB94) from 2019, 2020, and 2021 along with the State Budget Act from 2021. What a huge undertaking! Let’s check in with the team and see where we are today.

Like a Small City, UC Davis Plans for the Future

Much like a small city, UC Davis must plan for the future. Whether that future involves upgrading infrastructure to accommodate a growing population, climate change, or other challenges, projects such as these require a large team of people. Facilities Management (FM) is part of that team and, in the last year, has begun planning for an exciting future at UC Davis.

BMS Teamwork Guarantees Project Success

To fully cover all of the teams involved in the Oakville Station project, we will continue the series by outlining the work that the Building Maintenance Services (BMS) Plumbing and Alarms shops completed for this complex project.

Oakville Series - Utilities Teams Get Creative

Over the summer of 2020, the Utilities teams drained, regraded the pond bottom, and installed a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner at the pond that services the Oakville Station. Utilities teams worked closely with BMS Plumbing and Alarms, DCM and Gateway Landscaping to make this project a success.

Oakville Station Upgrade - Years in the Making!

Five years in the making! It has taken years to find the right time that wouldn’t disrupt education, training, and day-to-day operations for the Oakville Station water system and fire pump replacement projects. The Oakville Station, located in the heart of Napa, is a 40-acre vineyard used for UC Davis research. True teamwork between Utilities, Building Maintenance Services (BMS),Design and Construction Management (DCM) was required to make this happen and it was delivered!

BMS Collaborates to Protect Chilled Research

Thanks to incredible coordination within Building Maintenance Services teams, the Plant Reproductive Biology building recently received a much needed equipment upgrade. Utilizing deferred maintenance funds, a nearly twenty year old failing chiller and roof membrane were replaced.

Roofing Team Works Hard to Keep Leaks at Bay

Although we don’t think about it every day, roofs provide us with defense against the natural elements. However, just like any other part of a building, roofing materials deteriorate with age and element exposure. This leads to cracks, pooling water, and leaks.