About Us

Facilities Management

Our Mission: Supporting university excellence through innovative and efficient management of our campus assets and resources.

Facilities Management is the facility maintenance and repair provider for most buildings and much of the equipment on the central UC Davis campus. We are an operating unit under the university's Finance, Operations and Administration.

  • We are problem solvers who take ownership of problems.
  • We are leaders in our industries.
  • We are good communicators.
  • We are customer-focused.

Focused on Customer Service

We strive to provide expert maintenance services to UC Davis. Based on customer feedback, and in keeping with the call to improve administrative efficiency and reduce operating expenses, we are developing multiple strategies to improve customer service.

  • In the coming year we will launch a new online work order and scheduling system.
  • We have created an online estimator to provide estimates on routine small jobs quickly at no charge.
  • We are adopting best practices for customer service and project management, with particular emphasis on communication throughout the process.

Uniquely Qualified

Facilities Management is uniquely qualified to carry out our responsibilities. Our skilled trades employees have experience with the campus' full range of advanced research and teaching facilities - from high tech classrooms to biosafety labs to historic barns. We know how our facilities are built, what they are used for, and what to watch out for when repairing or altering any space. Above all, we share the campus vision of excellence in research and teaching, and serving that mission is our basis for decision-making.

Thank you for your patronage and for the confidence you place in us to support your facility management needs.

Allen Tollefson
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management