Paint Estimator

Painting Estimates

This online tool allows you to estimate your painting job costs up front, at no charge, from the convenience of your own desk.  You can use it to estimate costs for budgeting purposes, save and reuse estimates as templates for future jobs, and submit approved estimates to begin the work order process.

This initial estimator is for painting jobs in administrative space only, but additional estimators will be developed in the future.  Once you use the estimator, you can decide to either move forward by submitting a work request, or opt to hold off on the project.

Note, this is solely an estimator tool.  Once completed, a member of the Facilities Management team will schedule a time to come out and confirm the estimate, discuss paint colors, etc.  If you would like to skip the online step and request an estimator visit directly, you can do so through the work order system.

What is included in a painting job?

  • All surfaces to be painted will be prepped, washed and primed.

  • All surface imperfections such as holes, cracks, unevenness, etc., will be patched, caulked and texture finished to match existing, prior to painting.

  • All area will be masked as needed.

  • All floors and furnishings will be covered with drop cloths.

  • All work performed and materials used will be in accordance with industry standards.

Please Note:

The estimate and the actual cost may vary due to unforeseen issues, such as the presence of hazardous materials, the need to move large furniture, etc.

The paint estimator is for interior administrative space only, such as offices and conference rooms. Estimates for laboratories, public lobbies, building exteriors, etc. can be requested directly through the work order system