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Electrical Facilities Management electricians maintain building electrical equipment, distribution systems, and lighting control systems. We also install and modify new and existing electrical circuits in existing spaces. Additionally, we consult with campus departments on power requirements for new equipment and electrical services for many campus events.

Alarms Facilities Management alarm technicians install and maintain fire alarm, card access, environmental alarm, security alarm, and CCTV systems.

Elevator Maintenance Facilities Management elevator mechanics provide elevator maintenance and repair on the Davis campus, including preventive maintenance and emergency response.

Lighting Facilities Management lighting technicians maintain the tens of thousands of lighting fixtures throughout campus classrooms, laboratories, and greenhouses. This includes disposal of hazardous waste generated by lamp and ballast replacement.




Carpentry Our skilled carpenters meet the requirements of our university’s diverse research, teaching and support services departments. We combine quality craftsmanship with the latest technologies and materials to fulfill remodeling, repair, and renovation projects.

Pest Control Our pest control team services are provided by technicians who can address pest problems inside and outside of campus buildings. Understanding that a single pest sighting does not necessarily mean that pest control is needed, we always determine the extent of the pest population before recommending a treatment strategy. To report a pest control problem, please use the online work order system or, for urgent problems, call (530) 752-1655.

Locks Our experienced locksmiths develop and implement all campus key systems, install and maintain complete door assemblies including: metal, wood, fiberglass doors and frames, mechanical hardware, electronic access hardware and automatic door systems. We provide access solutions to support the diverse needs of the campus community.

Key/Access Card policy and procedures (PPM 360-50) 

Key/Access Card Report Form

Painting Our team of expert painters are committed to quality work and customer service. Our mission is to beautify the campus with exceptional interior and exterior paint work. We do interior and exterior painting with latex and low and no VOC products. Our exterior painting includes a power wash along with exterior heavy duty paint products. We are also responsible for graffiti removal. 

Flooring Our accomplished flooring team covers all types of patching, repairs and installation of carpet squares, vinyl composite tiles, epoxy sanded and non-sanded flooring along with concrete slabs.

Roofing Our knowledgeable roofing team provides roofing services that include roof repair, re-roofing, and new roofing installation of any type of roof system. We also provide inspection service for existing roofs, waterproofing, installation of new mechanical units on existing roofs, and cleaning of roof drains, roof gutters, and downspouts.

Window Glazing Our glazers replace, install, repair and maintain all types of glass and glass substitutes.




Plumbing We install, modify, update and maintain all of the plumbing systems. These systems are industrial hot and cold water systems, domestic hot and cold water systems, lab vacuum, reverse osmosis, deionized water, and ultra-pure water systems, natural gas, compressed lab air, high air pressure, control air systems, sanitary sewer systems, lift stations, acid waste systems, storm drain systems, greenhouse cooling systems, medical clean grade systems such as oxygen, vacuum, air, nitrogen, argon, and water treatment such as water softeners, etc. We also maintain fire sprinklers, testing and corrections, backflow preventers testing and repairs.

Steamfitting We install, modify, update, and maintain boilers, radiators, steam traps, steam valves, high and low pressure steam systems, steam heating coils and condensate receivers (air and steam), steam and condensate mains and branch lines, chilled and heating hot water closed loop systems.

Night Operations We are the after-hours crew that take all incoming calls, triage urgent requests, and if needed call in the proper trade to work on any issues. We handle emergency requests, typically first crew to respond to an issue and contact the necessary management & trades personnel to resolve issues.


Mechanical HVAC

Mechanical team

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) We are responsible for maintaining all mechanical equipment related to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration trades. We service a wide variety of equipment ranging from package a/c units, chillers, gas heaters, walk in boxes, supply, return, exhaust fans, fan coils and cooling towers. We perform both corrective and routine preventative maintenance checks on all of our equipment. We repair and install new HVAC/R equipment for better temperature control and energy efficiency. We can also make scheduling and temperature changes remotely upon requests from our EMS system.

Machining We are a full service machine shop with the skill, experience and equipment to fabricate a wide variety of materials for the repair of machinery and equipment. For example, we can custom fabricate specialty parts in a variety of materials ranging from brass, stainless steel, aluminum and resin polymers. We also repair pumps, motors, small engines, and a variety of other departmental owned equipment ranging from hydraulic tables and lifts to roll-up doors and electronic gates. We have broad experience in mechanical systems and machinery.

Sheet Metal and Welding Our sheet metal and welding service provides solutions for any lab, classroom or office environment . Our fully equipped shop and skilled staff can fabricate, cut, and/or install virtually any metal item. We work with all metals from stainless steel to aluminum and castings. If its metal and it needs cutting, bending, straightening or repairing, we are ready to help.