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Building History

This table reports historical electrical usage for the selected building. The first row shows usage in the current month to date. The remaining data show monthly totals. The number of months reported varies from site to site based on when all the meters were connected.

The second column lists total electrical usage in the month in kilowatt hours.

The third column indicates the approximate cost for this electricity using the electrical rate established each year for non-state supported facilties. The rates are listed in the fourth column.

The fifth column lists the peak electrical usage for the building recorded during the month. The campus is not currently charged based on time-of-use or peak demand. However, peak electrical demands drive the need for system expansions. Thus, decreasing peak usage remains an important goal.

The sixth column is a measure of electrical usage intended to make comparisons between buildings of different sizes. Electrical usage is measured in kiloWatt hours per day per thousand square feet of building space. Campus usage ranges from a low of around 5 kWh/Day/1000sqft to a high around 900 kWh/Day/1000sqft for the Data Center. Most campus buildings use about 50 kWh/Day/1000sqft.

Buildings that use Steam and Chilled Water will not display much seasonal variation in usage due to weather.

Frequently Asked Questions list about the Utilities Consumption Dashboard.

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